6 Minutes of Ass Kicking

I still suck at getting up in the morning, so I haven’t been steadily making the 700am group.  I do however really enjoy working out with the 715pm group.  The timing really takes a lot out of my night but it’s a great group to workout with, we’re all really close in skill level and such and good at supporting each other.

For the skills portion, we did power cleans.  Here’s what they look like:

We were tasked with doing 5 sets of 3, trying to do this at about 90% of our max lifts.  I’ve never tried a one rep max on these so I just started small.  Started at 75lbs, way too easy.  Added two 15lb plates to bring the total weight to 105lbs, still pretty easy.  Up to 45 lb plates, 135lbs, I’ve got this.  Now, I add another 30lbs, and my form goes to shit!  I know damn well I have the power to clean 165lbs, but with the previous reps stacked up, I just couldn’t manage it.  I was getting frustrated knowing I could do it, but not being able to finish.  Rather than hurting myself being stubborn, I knocked it down to 155lbs.  Still couldn’t quite get it.  It’s just a form and technique issue, I know this, but it’s so frustrating.  I took the ego hit, went back down to 135 and finished the sets.  I’ll be back Mr.Clean…I will kick your ass.

Ok, so the best part about Cross Fit??  All that crap I just wrote, that’s not the workout!!  There’s a reason they sell shirts that say “Our warmup is your workout”.

Last night was a good workout, the WOD was a 21-15-9 rep circuit of pullups and burpees.  Basically, you do 21 pullups, 21 burpees, 15 pullups, 15 burpees, etc.  That was timed, and I completed it in 5:54.  When we started, Coach Crip yelled out, “You better be aiming to finish this under 6:00”, so I was pretty happy when I was done.

Weighed in this morning at 307.4lbs, which means I’m down 4.6lbs since Friday and I’ve been far from a saint on this meal plan.  I’ve done well, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve gotta do better.  The 715 group had a good 20 minute chat last night about food and meal planning, and I took away a lot of positives.

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