Morning well spent

Well, I have today off as my best friend is graduating today as a new member of Calgary’s Fire Department and I wanted to attend his ceremony.  Well done Ryan, we all knew you’d get here, congratulations!  And now that you’re “done” your training, you can join us at the gym 😛

Seeing as I had the day off and I’m not totally sure what the rest of the day has in store, I went to the 930am class.  Today was good, a relaxed atmosphere at the gym, had a good workout.  I stayed aggressive, but we’re going to call it the darkside from now on…unicorns and rainbows are rare enough, they don’t need me hunting them.  The skill today was push press, seen below.

I can’t my elbows anywhere close to that far forward, this woman has some impressive flexibility, but that’s how it should look.  We did 5×5, and I used 75lbs.  After doing that and feelin’ good, we went on to the WOD.

5 rounds for time:
10 x push press (again, I used 75lbs)
30 single unders (skip rope) /or 10 double unders…soon.
10 box jumps (I used a 20″ box)

My final time was 9:14, and I’m pretty happy with that, for a few reasons.
#1 – I think I picked the right weight for now.  RX is 95lbs but I would have had a very hard time finishing the last two rounds at 95lbs I think, maybe I’ll try it next time.
#2 – I did all 50 box jumps, as box jumps, no step ups.  I had it in my head that step ups just weren’t going to cut it today.  Considering I set the goal of 10 consecutive 24″ box jumps by Feb 25, I think I’ll have that one in the bag early.

After finishing the WOD and doing some stretches, Coach and I just chatted while she did some stretches.  I felt like trying some more pullups, so I did 2×10, one green band, one purple.  All 20 pullups I thought were pretty strong…maybe it’s time to get rid of that last purple band.  I think next time, I’m going to give it a shot with just the green band.  For workouts with a lot of reps, I’ll stay with two, but I’ll give it a go with one.

Time to go eat, and if the sun comes out, look for a rainbow.  If I’m lucky, I’ll see a FULL ON DOUBLE RAINBOW! WHOAAAAA

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