Well, I took the weekend off.  It seemed that after viewing the Crossfit 403 in Airdrie page on Facebook the other day, that I wasn’t the only one who was really sore and with it being a busy weekend anyways, I figured a break would be good.

I think it paid off, because yesterday felt really good.  Here’s the WOD board, which I want to point out is not on the floor anymore.  Thanks to Steve and Shayne who hung it up last night!

After the warmup, we got right into kipping, practicing our form and technique.  Kipping is the movement used when we do pullups.  I’ve included a video below that I found, that seemed to have a good description of what we’re trying to accomplish.  The kipping movement itself is the back and forth motion, keeping the core tight and using our hips and shoulders to facilitate a pullup.  I’m pretty happy with my form on these, unassisted pullups are getting closer…

This video does a good job describing the movement and showing the proper form.  The practice we did yesterday culminated with the movement at about the 1:40 mark, with the “pop off the bar” as she called it.

After that was a workout called Grace.  I thought we’d done it once before, so I checked my notes and I was right.  I did this workout in my second week with Crossfit 403.  Grace consists of only one exercise–the clean and jerk, 30 reps.

Trying to find a video of this workout, I couldn’t believe how many people are doing it wrong.  They all do a clean and then a push press.  I don’t care if you can do it in 89 seconds, you’re not doing it right. I don’t even wanna show the Grace workouts I found on Youtube, they’re bad.  I guess we’re going to have to do a video showing proper form.

In week 2, I was using an 85lb bar and my time was 6:48.  Last night, at 115lbs, my time was 6:37.  I beat my old time from two months ago with an extra 30lbs on the bar…that my friends, is a PR 🙂

RX for Grace is 135lbs…that’s what I’ll try next time.  I know I can lift that much (my PR for clean and jerk is 150lbs) but I wanted to play it safe last night.  Doing something once is easy, anyone can do anything once.  Doing it 30 consecutive times, I wasn’t sure I could do that, now I won’t be happy until I try it again at RX.

All in all, a good night.  When we were done the workout, I went back to the pullup bar and as I said, unassisted pullups are getting closer…last night I got about halfway to the bar on an unassisted pullup.  With 9 weeks to go to reach my goal, I think it’s attainable.  I’ve been focusing a lot on this goal, I may need to practice some more skipping though if I’m going to attain the double under goal.

Lastly, I wanted to offer congratulations to a few people.
Shayne – this man KILLED it yesterday…an RX PR on Grace, 3:33.  Amazing buddy, well done.
I also wanted to congratulate Steve, Lee and Derek who all finished Grace at RX and to Shauna who was the only woman to finish Grace at RX, which for women is 95lbs.

I’m also going to call Audj out…she finished at 85lbs.  You and I are both finishing this at RX next time.

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