As required

Last night, was awesome and I felt great.  A full RX workout does that to you!

I got their a little earlier than everyone else, but was in a workout state of mind, so I started the warmup early.  I actually really enjoyed this warmup, felt good afterwards.  The first skill that we worked on was front squats.  These frustrate me for one simple reason, my arm flexibility suuuuuucks.  Here’s a good video.

We did our 5 sets of 5, ending up at 120lbs–the goal was 60% of your max and Derek’s max is 200lbs.  I don’t know what mine is but I know that it’s higher than 120lbs, or at least will be when I get my form down.  My issue is keeping my elbows up and therefore keeping my arms parallel with the floor as the video above shows.  The fact that my wrists don’t bend as much as I’d like them to puts a lot of stress on my fingers and that’s what ends up stopping me from going further.  I start thinking too much about my arms and then when I get them set correctly, I transfer the weight to my toes, when it should be on my heels.  I need to practice this one more while working on wrist and hand flexibility.  You’d think I’d be happy that I don’t have floppy wrists….

After that was a hand stand push up ladder.  Pretty straightforward when you look at the WOD board—from 0-1 minute, do 2.  At the 1 minute mark, do 2 more.  At the 2 minute mark, do 3, and so on, up to 10 minutes.  I was happy with these and I actually quite like them.

Now to the WOD.  This one, though really tough, was a lot of fun.  It was a 7 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible in 7 minutes) with sets of 15 wall balls (20lbs) and 15 sumo deadlift high pulls (95lbs).  Here’s what a SDHP looks like:

I’ve covered wall balls before, and for this workout I decided I was going to use the 20lb ball.  It’s the biggest one we have but since the SDHP RX weight is only 95lbs, I figured I’d have something left in the tank to help with that 20lb toss.  I was kind of right, but that ball toss takes so much out of you that it’s surprising. 

In 7 minutes, I completed 3 full sets, 15 wall balls, and 7 SDHP.  Only 8 more SDHP’s and I would have finished 4 rounds which would have made me really happy.  All in all though, I can’t be disappointed with what I did.  After catching my breath and taking a break, I practiced some more kipping and kipping pullups.  It’s getting there for sure, just gotta keep at it. 

One thought on “As required

  1. WOW! I don’t think I could even do 1/10 of the workout. I admire that you skipped the movie to workout. That is real commitment. Keep up the amazing work. I’m your biggest fan.


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