Row, row, row your boat…

You can guess by the title what we did a lot of last night.  I don’t remember the last time I did a workout which pushed me that hard, and that’s saying something because you’ve read what we’ve been doing (I hope!).  Felt great afterwards but that was real intense…and you just KNOW that Coach Ryan had something to do with the warmup when the warmup includes 25 burpees!

As part of the warmup, we had to do 10 pull ups.  Seeing as we only had to do 10, I figured what the hell, let’s drop it down to one green band.  No more purple at all…now consider that when I started attending Crossfit 403 a couple of months ago I could only do pullups with the assistance of three bands—two purple and one green.  Yesterday, I did 10 straight with only a green band!  I was pretty amped up after that, time to get on with the workout.

The whole workout was based on the rowing machine.  Our box only has three, and we had 5 people needing to do a workout.  What Coach Wendy did was split us up, the three ladies were in one group, Derek and I in the second group.

Basically, without trying to confuse you, this is what Derek and I did.

3 minute skip
2 minute rest
5 minute rowing machine sprints

Then for the next portion we did:
30 seconds situps, rest one minute (while the ladies did their 1 minute row) x 5

Lastly, we did 1 minute rower sprint.  Sprint 1 minute, rest 30 seconds.  You can see in the picture how much distance we covered.

I did 1239m (5 min)- 1177m (5min) – 247m(1 min) – 266m(1 min) – 240m(1 min) – 256m(1 min) – 263m(1 min)

In total, in 15 minutes of rowing, I did 3688m or 3.688km, an average of 14.75km/h.  Not too shabby…though the last two single minute sprints felt pretty rough.  I think Derek and I would make a pretty consistent rowing team, he only had 30 meters on me after 15 minutes!

It was nice to see Scott getting some time on the bike and even doing a few strict pullups (no kipping, no bands).  He’s been out of commission for a couple of weeks (not CF403 related) and I know it’s been bugging him to just watch and stretch without doing the workouts, great job man.

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