Solo Effort

Well last night was interesting, I got a one on one with Coach Crip.  Everyone else has probably left for holidays already so it was just me at 715 last night.  It was a pretty relaxed atmosphere, so I just did my own warmup, wanting to stretch my legs a bit as they were pretty tight and knowing that I was going to be doing front squats as part of the WOD.

After a good warmup, it was WOD time.  The WOD consisted of:

15 Minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible)
300m on the rowing machine
then do
3 hanging cleans
6 front squats
9 knees to elbows

Now, the rowing only had to be done once, and it took my almost exactly 3 minutes.  So I did AMRAP on the other three exercises in 12 minutes.

Here’s a hanging clean (coached by Mike Burgener, an Olympic weight lifting coach and former US Marine):

I posted a video for front squats the other day, so here’s a video for knees to elbows:

I managed to get 5 rounds done, with 2 hanging cleans.  Not too bad, but my last set of front squats were bad.  For weight, I started with 115lbs but after doing a clean improperly, I went down to 95.  It felt kinda light during the first few rounds but round 5 was tough…I think I actually did 7 or 8 front squats but they sucked so I didn’t count them all.  After the WOD was done though, that’s when the sweat hit, I was dripping everywhere, always a sign of hard work.

We’ll see how work goes tonight, if I can leave a few minutes early, I may make it to the 615 class (no 715 on Friday’s), and then 930 again tomorrow morning.  Chat with ya soon!

*EDIT* I forgot to add, if you have any questions about something I’ve written, whether it’s a movement, description, questions, ANYTHING, please leave a comment and I’ll respond to you.  The whole point of this is education so if you’re confused, don’t hesitate to ask!

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