Catching Up

It’s time to play catch up here…I took Sunday and Monday off from the gym itself, but did do Coach Wendy’s “50 Burpee Challenge” on Monday.  Basically, do 50 burpees in a day.  If you want to do 10 and then wait 5 hours, go for it.  I ended up just doing it in one go while I was waiting in line behind a few ladies to get into the shower.  Did all 50 burpees in just under 9 minutes.  Not too bad, and I definitely had to shower afterwards!

Tuesday at Crossfit 403 was a tough welcome back, but it was fun.  I also took my little brother Luc for his first ever Crossfit workout and he really enjoyed it.  Don’t be afraid to bring friends or family members, co workers, etc.  It’s hard to spread the word when we don’t bring new people in to try it!

Tuesdays’ WOD was:

You can see the final times there, I finished at 29:16.  Not bad at all I don’t think, and I have to commend Luc for finishing at 26:32.  He had also never done snatch lifts before, so there was something to be learned, even for someone as fit as him.
Last night though, last night was fun.  I enjoy rowing and always feel real good afterwards.  Here’s last night’s WOD Board:
The skill for the night was back squats.  When I started at Crossfit 403, I could only squat 160 without pain in my right knee.  My knee has bugged me for years and it always bugged me that for a big guy, my squats weren’t very good.  Well, we haven’t done many back squats in the last couple of months, focusing more on other skills–and this is the best thing about Crossfit for me.  While we haven’t focused at all on this movement in a long time, I saw marked improvements.  Last night I put the bar up to 165lbs, and managed a set of 5, without any knee issues whatsoever.  How can you not be happy about that.  More weight, more reps, no pain.  That’s more progress.  Seeing that I did 165×5, I HAD to try one rep at 200lbs.  Well, it happened, another PR gained.  I honestly think though that I could add another 30lbs if I was doing one rep max lifts on this.  After doing the 200lb squat I wasn’t really feeling too bad so that was a good sign.
For the WOD itself, we had two options, which you can see above.  It was only Audj and I last night and we both figured that Option 1–row 1000m, 175 kettlebell swings, row 1000m, was the one to do.  For the kettlebell swings, I used a 16kg kettlebell.  Didn’t feel like much at first but after that first 100 reps, it was pretty nasty.  I finished the last 75 reps in sets of 15, so that made me happy.  Finished the last 1000m row in under 4:30, for a final time of 17:55.  I was very happy with that and really amped up, was a great night at the gym.  Thanks to Coach Melissa for helping us all get back into the swing of things this week, it’s been a fun couple of days!

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