I’m High Maintenance

This post is the reason I wanted to make two separate posts today.  I want to talk about our coaches, how awesome they are, and how professional they are.

I went to the 930AM class and I was the only person other than Coach Melissa who was there.  She wasn’t feeling good at all and wasn’t sure she’d make it through coaching me.  Rather than just sending me home to come back later (she didn’t even give the option by the way), she called Coach Ryan out of bed to come coach me through the WOD and he was there within minutes.  I appreciate the effort for sure, and hopefully you’re feeling better!  Once the workout was over, Bree showed up, another coach.  Ryan didn’t have keys, so Bree came to lock up.

So, I went through 3 coaches by myself in an hour…thanks for the effort you guys, it’s sincerely appreciated and under recognized.

Now, the WOD.

After the warmup, we did deadlifts…I love deadlifts.  If you’ll remember last time I posted, I set a PR doing 5 reps at 225lbs, knowing I could do more.  Yesterday Ryan corrected a few things on my form and most importantly, my grip.  When I got passed 245lbs, the bar was rolling out of my hands and I couldn’t maintain the grip.  Ryan had me overhand grip with my one hand and under hand grip with the other.  This keeps the bar from rolling, and all of a sudden I did 5 reps at 265!  That’s another PR, but I still don’t know what my one rep max on deadlifts is.  265lbs was difficult, but I still did a total of 7 reps at that weight, so there’s more to be added eventually.   Here’s the grip he had me use–

The WOD was straight forward–
21 wall balls (20lb ball) and 21 burpees
15 of each
9 of each

I finished with a final time of 7:29.  I am going to try this one again, I know I could easily get it under 7 minutes and I’m definitely capable of knocking a minute off so we’ll see how that goes. 

Thanks again to the coaches, you guys rock.

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