Time to Clean

Last night I was running a bit late and everyone was pretty much ready to work out when I arrived.  Ran through a quick warmup consisting of:
100 single under skip ropes
10 pullups
10 tricep dips
10 air squats
repeat the above without skipping
10 burpees
finished with some range of motion exercises

After that, because we had a large group, we got right into the clean and jerk.  I’d like to try the workout circled in the center/bottom of the board though–push jerk 5 sets of 5 (5×5), 3x max pullup and 3x max pushup.  I think that’d be fun and hard at the same time.

Anyways, Coach Ryan got us all to go through the clean and jerk motion to make sure we were all doing it safely.  Once he was happy, he got us to add a bit of weight and went through again to make sure we were doing the lift properly.  He gave me a tip to work on my form as I tend to lift the bar on my clean rather than shrugging and popping my hips to get under the bar.  Something to work on.

Once he was happy, we got into the WOD:

Because we had a large group we couldn’t all get access to rowing machines simultaneously so Coach Ryan got us to run outside.  Two laps of the building were put in place of the 800m row.  By my estimation, one lap of the building is only about 200-250m.  We started the run and did our two laps, we then came back inside to hammer out 30 consecutive clean and jerks, then go run two more laps.  I got through the clean and jerk in three sets of 10.  Pretty happy with that, considering that both Derek and I were using RX (required weight), which was 95lbs.  Didn’t seem like much at first but after 24 or 25, it gets heavy and you start to feel it.  Was definitely a good workout with the run thrown in there.  The runs with weights in between are always difficult but that’s the kind of stuff I have to train for so even though it’s difficult at the time, after you finish there’s a great sense of accomplishment.  I finished in 7:48 (RX).  We did some group stretching afterwards and I tried a couple kipping pullups without bands, just because I’ve decided to try them everyday to achieve the goal of ONE without bands by February 25th.

I’ll be back at 7:15 tonight, unfortunately can’t make it to the 6:15 class with the special guest coach…I’m really curious as to who this is.  It’d be fun to attend as well because it’s going to be a deadlift/squat workout and those are fun for me (now, not a few months ago!).


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