OHS Night

No, I don’t mean Occupational Health and Safety, though after this WOD I think my occupational health would be better if I was safe at home in bed…

This WOD (workout of the day) was all about overhead squats.  I’m not real comfortable with this lift yet and needed form corrections a few times.  The feeling of getting the form correct and getting the movement done is much nicer than trying to do it wrong.  There’s a lot of things going on with this lift as you are using your core, arms, shoulders, legs, everything…one thing in the wrong position and your lift becomes much harder.  I made several mistakes last night but when I just slowed down, figured out a system to set up, and took a deep breath I made my life a lot easier.  Having three good coaches helped—Coach Crip as usual with the major form adjustments, and my two teammates from last night telling me simple things like “look up, not at your feet”, “squat deeper and lift your toes”, and “slow down”.

Here’s the movement–

The biggest fault I think I had was that I kept starting with the bar behind my head.  It should be straight overhead, over your ears and heels.  Starting the far back lends to the tendency of rocking to your toes to counter balance and making life much more difficult than it needs to be.  It’s a pretty obvious feeling when you do one properly…

The WOD itself was a team workout with the goal of moving as much weight as possible in 15 minutes.  Only one team member would be squatting at a time, the others counting and/or preparing for their turn.  I started with 75lbs on the bar and at the word go, did 15 reps.  We cycled through doing as many as we could.  By the end, I had done:
40 squats @ 75lbs
20 squats @ 55lbs
15 squats @ 65lbs
For a total of 5075 moved.  Our team totaled 12335lbs in 15 minutes, well done team!

After my 40th OHS at 75lbs, I was starting to have issues keeping my form proper.  When it came time to do my 41st it took a couple failed attempts to tell me it was time to drop weight.  For the sake of completion and not wasting time, I grabbed a teammates 55lb bar and cranked out 20 reps.  While my teammates did their sets, I knocked my bar down from 75lbs to 65lbs and got right back into it.  A strong finish for everyone!

After the WOD and stretching were over, several of us just hung around to chat and BS.  Typical Friday night at Crossfit 403.  Finish a hard workout and then relax, have some friend time and just chat.  It’s good for morale.  This is usually the time when people try something they were having difficulties with and just give it a go in a fun setting.  Steve did 3 straight muscle ups last night, well done for sure…those are out of reach for me at the moment, but one day I’ll get one!  They’re pretty impressive to watch.

When he was finished that, he was casually talking about burpees and a tip he’d been shown on how to do them quicker.  He demonstrated a few, and what was different was simply his foot position.  When I (and others) do burpees, we typically get into the pushup position and then jump to our toes, stand up, reposition and start over.  What Steve when he jumped from the pushup position was to try and replace his hand prints with his heels.  By jumping right your heels you’re more stable coming up and you can do them faster.  I felt much better doing them this way, and while it seems like you’re doing more work at first glance, after doing 20 this way myself, I felt pretty good, better than I usually do after 20!

Today, I can feel it…oh man can I feel it.  I would have been much happier laying in bed, or hitting up Genesis Place for a hot tub soak.  Maybe I’ll do that after work, but duty calls so I have to head in to work.  Talk to you soon!

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