1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7?

Be warned, this post is a little long but I’ve put in lots of video’s to break it up!

After Coach Wendy put us through a very gymnastic-like warmup that really tested our co-ordination, we were all feeling a little more human I think.  The warmup was kind of funny in that while not overly difficult physically, it was mentally challenging, the coordination required was really interested to overcome.  Here’s a few of the things we did–

Spiderman Crawls

Bear Crawls (legs and arms straight)

Side Crosses (this video calls them Walking Plank Crossovers) – this was, by far, the most difficult for me.

After all that, we were on to shoulder presses.  They are almost identical to a push press, but without the dip.  Just stand straight, tighten your core and push the bar straight up over your head.  No additional help from momentum means that this is a much lower weight than I’d do on a push press or push jerk, but it isolates your shoulders more than being a full body movement as with the others.  These were kind of new for me, I don’t think I’ve ever done these with a barbell before.  I’ve done this lots, but only with dumbbells and never with more than 30-35lbs per dumbbell.  I was most comfortable doing this at 75lbs.  I did a set at 95lbs and finished it, but that was a bit much for doing 21 reps.  Staying at 75lbs forced me to focus more on the form of it all, tightening my core and keeping my chest up to keep my back from arching.

Onto the WOD!

The workout was a simple format, 7 rounds for time, which means do 7 rounds and record your time at the end.  The two exercises were “sumo deadlift high pulls” and box dips–


Box Dips (trying to bring your arms passed 90°)

For the SDLHP, I used the RX (required weight for competition) of 95lbs.  After a couple of minutes, I felt like I was on a good pace to achieve Coach Wendy’s recommendation of finishing under 7 minutes, approximately 1 minute per round.  My first couple of rounds only took 40-45 seconds each so I was pleased.  I kept going and at about round 4 or 5 I felt I was maintaining pace, though here’s where the post title comes in…I was focusing really hard on my SDLHP form as I wasn’t using my legs enough and I lost count of which round I was on.  I know for sure that I was not far behind everybody, in fact I thought I may have been ahead of a few, but I think we (at least a couple of us) only did 6 rounds.  I thought I was on round 6 and all of a sudden, everyone was done.  I was kinda confused and when I finished my last dip, the clock was at 6:10.  Had I maintained a pace of 45 seconds per round, this would be close to accurate, but looking back I really am not totally convinced I did 7 rounds…especially when I look at Shayne’s time.  Shayne and I are usually fairly close on this kind of workout, Steve is always faster and both of them finished between 8 and 9 minutes.  Granted, Steve probably did actual ring dips, not box dips, and Shayne may have as well.  Regardless, it was still a good workout and both my quads and shoulders are feeling the after effects today!  I suppose this means I just have to work even harder next time I go!


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