Grace, Take 2

To say I was unmotivated last night would be an understatement.  After Monday’s WOD, I was really feeling it yesterday and actually my biceps and shoulders are still a little tender this afternoon.  Gotta pay to play though, especially when you play hard!

Last night was another good group class with some new faces.  I was feeling really weak and when I saw that we were lined up for the workout “Grace”, I was feeling a little dejected about it.  We’ve done this workout twice before, most recently on December 20th (click to read that post), and I finished the workout in 6:37 @ 115lbs.  Prescribed weight for this workout, the goal to aim for, is 135lbs.  I said in that post “RX for Grace is 135lbs…that’s what I’ll try next time.”  That was a PR for me and what my ego wanted last night was to do this at RX just to say I’d done it.  Truth be told though, I really wasn’t feeling it and in the end I decided to do the workout at 115lbs and I’m happy I did.

We had to split up into groups to get this done, and since Derek and I were sharing a bar and we figured he’d take less time, he went first.  When it came time for me to start, I have to say I was pretty unmotivated, and this is where the teamwork aspect kicks in.  With Derek and Scott yelling in my ear, somehow things got a little easier.  You tend to work harder when someone is watching I suppose and this really rang true.  I got through the first 10 real quick.  I took a step back and reloaded, went in for another few, and just kept going taking short stops to catch my breath.  I’m not sure how it all split up repetition wise, not that it matters, though the final result does—a new PR, Grace @ 115lbs in 4:43.  I knocked 1:54 off my previous PR…how’s that for proving teammate motivation can work?  Thanks a lot guys!

It wasn’t perfect but I was really happy.  I had 3 reps by my count where I didn’t properly lock out my elbows and there were a few reps where I did what I complained about in the December 20th post, I push pressed instead of doing a push jerk.  All in all though I can’t complain too much considering that I really had no mind to do it in the first place!

My apologies for the lack of pictorial proof, I was too exhausted and excited to remember to snap a picture.  Back at it tonight, I’ll make sure I grab some pics.

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