Another RX+ Workout

Tonight was a pretty good night, I felt really great after the WOD was completed.  I somehow though managed to delete the picture I took of the WOD Board.  I know I took a pic but when I went to email it to myself, it was gone…no idea what happened there…

To the task at hand, we had Coach Bones yesterday (Ryan) and I always have fun with his workouts even if some of them seem really daunting when you read them.  For the skills portion last night we covered wall ball shots and box jumps as there were many new faces again, and many who hadn’t done either exercise before.  I have to say that everyone should be pretty happy–I saw at least 3 of the new guys look at the 20″ box for jumps and say “that’s nuts, I’m not doing that”, and yet they ALL managed at least one.  Great job guys!

The WOD itself was 5RFT (5 rounds for time), one round consisting of:
12 box jumps (20″ RX)
12 wall ball shots (20lb RX)
12 situps

Because there are only 2-20″ boxes and several people wanting to use that, I flashed back to the Filthy 50 workout we did where I did 50 consecutive 24″ box jumps.  I figured that if I could do 50 straight at 24″, I sure as hell better be able to manage 5 rounds of 12 (60 total).  I always use the 20lb ball for wall ball shots, so that was an easy choice.  I do believe I saw one other person using it as well (at least for a few reps) and Scott did some 24″ box jumps too.

Final time for me was 11:47.  I was really hoping to maintain a pace of 2 minutes per round to finish under 10 minutes, but it didn’t happen yesterday…it will though.

Still, I’m pretty proud of the fact that I was the only person who did the entire WOD with a 24″ box AND 20lb ball.  I felt even better afterwards when Coach Bones started the workout with a 20″ box, not that he can’t do 24″, he looks like he’s floating when he jumps.  Everyone else should be damn proud though, that was a tough WOD and everyone got through it.  Leanne deserves a special mention too because she did the whole thing on a 20″ box and I think she was using a 16lb ball, that’s impressive.

When we were all done with the WOD and stretching, there were still a few minutes before the next group started so I grabbed a rope and did 5 minutes of skipping.  I was aiming to do consecutive double unders, just 2 would have been awesome and while I got close, I didn’t quite get it.  Next time…

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