Hi Karen, nice to meet y….

So this new lady showed up last night, I’d never met her before…her name is Karen and she is the type that likes to point and laugh while you claw your way through a workout.

Crossfit has 20 benchmark workouts which are named using female names and they are affectionately known as “the girls”.  There are 15 original girls, and 5 new girls.  In this blog you’ve already met Grace and Cindy a couple times and I’ve also already completed Diane and Annie.  So, with Karen included, I’ve completed 25% of the benchmark workouts!

Karen is simple, 150 wall ball shots.  RX for men is 20lbs, women 14lbs–note that if you don’t know what RX means, I’ve added a glossary on the left hand side of this page.  If you see an acronym used or a term that you don’t know, comment on the post and I’ll add it. 

So, we get through the warmup and move onto front squats.  I’m still not great at these so the highest I went for weight was 135lbs.  I know that once my form is better I’ll be able to do more, but trying to maintain form on this is difficult for me and as we are focusing on speed with this, more weight is not always good.  My PR for this is 205lbs but that was a single rep and probably not my best one…

We split up into two groups for the WOD (also in the glossary on the left!) with Group 1 doing tabata situps, Group 2 doing the Karen workout.  I was in Group 2 and after talking myself into doing this at RX, I lined up with the 20lb ball.  We’ve done a lot of wall balls lately and I have noticed that I’m getting better but even so, after 50 you are starting to really feel it.  I struggled through to about 85 and then took a 10 second break, I wasn’t controlling my breathing and that takes a lot out of you so I reset, took a sip of water and got back into it.  One thing I was very proud of in all of this though, is that I actually did well over 160 wall ball shots—the problem was, not all of them hit the 10 foot line on the wall.  I didn’t count them…so while I was the slowest time at RX, I know for certain that every counted shot in that 150 was above that yellow line at 10 feet.  If I’m going to make the effort of doing this at RX, I’m not cheating myself by counting those shots that didn’t reach the line.

Here’s another fantastic video from Jon at AgainFaster.com, showing how to do wall ball shots–

With our group done, we had a short break while Group 1 started wall ball shots.  Once we caught our breath, it was on to the tabata situps.  I’ll be sure to add “tabata” to the glossary but what that means is you work as hard as possible for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat.  One round is 30 seconds, we do 8 rounds for a total of 4 minutes.  When we do situps in this manner, we try to maintain a pace, an average amount of situps for every 20 second work period.  Other than round 1 where I got a slow start while helping someone move equipment (so he didn’t smack his head), I managed 10 per round, so I did about 75 situps.  Not to shabby I think, the core was definitely feeling it!

Our time was up, the workouts were done and we had finished stretching.  I decided that I had to try at least one pullup without a band, I try a few every day that I’m there as I have a goal to reach in just over a month.  Last night was the closest I’ve ever been to doing one full pullup though.  I was probably farther from the bar than I felt, but it was by far the closest I think I’ve ever been without a band…this is gonna happen…

All said and done, it was a hard night but a good one.  I had to ask Coach Crip to help me with pictures though because I couldn’t take a non-fuzzy picture of the WOD Board.  I guess my hands were shaking a little bit 🙂

She took this pic too, so here’s my goofy mug with Coach Crip after an hour of Crossfit!  Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Hi Karen, nice to meet y….

  1. HATE wall ball shots. I can get it to the target, but I have a hard time getting below parallel at the squat. I also suck at catching the ball & have to clean it all the time. In summary – Karen & I would not get along. I started Crossfit unable to do one single strict pullup. Between working on kipping/butterfly in the box & the pull-up app on my phone (I do it at home on a closet pullup bar), I can do 4 strict pullups. You’ll totally get there!


  2. I’m working on kipping pullups right now. Still in the 300lb club, though not for long…if I could do a strict pullup at my current weight I’d be extremely impressed with myself lol


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