It took me a while to figure out how I was going to approach this post, as while I enjoyed myself with this WOD, it also thoroughly destroyed my ego!  As in nothing resembling ego left; it was a very humbling night.

For the skills portion, we took a look at our pullups.  I’ve been doing kipping pullups with a band now for a few months and I’m pretty comfortable with them but with the Crossfit 403 coaches doing a Crossfit Gymnastics course a few weeks ago, they learned some important things and are passing them onto us.  One of those things is regarding shoulder injuries and more specifically, how doing kipping pullups without the amount of upper body strength required for a strict pullup could potentially hurt you.  If you kip into a pullup and can’t support the weight, you basically fall while gripping the bar and your body weight is then jarred onto your shoulders to bear the weight. It’s easy to see how this could injure you and it’s something I’ve thought about a lot actually.

We started with progressions, basically we took a step back from how we are doing pullups and went back to square one.  This is basically the same as the below pictures but we use the rings instead of a bar–

Doing 10 of those really puts into perspective how weak my upper body still is, at least in comparison to my body mass.  That will come, but basically we go from that movement and progress to doing the same with our feet elevated, like so:

From there, we can move into bands and while I’ve been very happy to do kipping pullups with one purple band, I took a step back last night in the name of progression and used one purple and one green band in order to do strict pullups.  Strict pullups are slower and quieter–what I mean by that is you can’t do as many in the same amount of time typically, and your lower body stays as motionless as possible, you want to only use your arms to pull yourself to the bar.  With kipping, you use your shoulders and the rest of your body to gain momentum to get to the bar, strict pullups get rid of that motion.

I actually found it extremely difficult to not kip after practicing it and doing it so much over the last few months.  When my arms got tired, I noticed that I was unconsciously starting the kipping motion and had to fight myself not to.

After the pullup progression session, we moved onto the WOD.  Keeping with this week’s theme of the “Crossfit Girls” workouts, we were tasked with Chelsea.

Chelsea is really similar to my favourite workout, which is Cindy.  With both workouts you do:
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

Cindy is a 20 minute AMRAP though, so you just do as much as you can.  Chelsea on the other is 30 x 1 minute time limits!  The goal is to complete those 5 pullups/10 pushups/and 15 squats every minute, on the minute, for 30 minutes.  If the minute is over and you haven’t completed all the movements that’s how far you made it.  It didn’t look too daunting at first but when Scott told me that he had done it the past summer and only made it to round 7, I got a little worried.  Then I saw how many people hadn’t made it past 5 minutes and I got really worried!  I made it my goal to reach 5 minutes, hoping for the best and doing strict pullups with two bands instead of kipping pullups with one. 

We got started and after minute two, my mood had changed drastically.  I was really frustrated that I was barely finishing each minute and I actually felt pretty dejected when I failed in the 5th minute.  I’ve never felt so annoyed at myself after a 4.5 minute workout in my life.  You’ll see on the board picture above, I completed 4 minutes, which by comparison is not bad, but just not what I set out to do.

Coach Crip told us before we started that it didn’t matter if we only finished 1 minute, 2, or 12 that we were to keep moving until the 15 minute mark.  That way you don’t just stop when you fail at a minute mark and call it a day, you actually keep moving and do what you can.  By the 15 minute mark I basically said to myself, “screw it, you’re 15 minutes in, Cindy is 20 minutes, finish it”.  I didn’t count any of my rounds after 4 minutes so I have no idea how many reps I actually did but I continued until the clock hit 23 minutes.  At that point, I was so beat up that I just felt I had to stop.  In the end, while I was annoyed at myself for not reaching my initial goal I still did 22 minutes worth of pushups, pullups, and squats.

At this point, I really need to do offer congratulations to a few people that really blew it outta the water last night–only 10 people listed on the board above did 10 or more rounds, I applaud you.  Lee was the male rockstar of the group doing 12 minutes at RX, meaning chest to the floor push ups from his toes and pullups with no bands.  Kari and Rosa both made it past 20 minutes, with Leanne at 18 minutes, and certainly of note is Tricia finishing ALL 30 ROUNDS!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—I love Crossfit because when it comes down to it, the only person who can defeat is me.  Every time we go, we hit the WOD with everything we have and most of the time it hits us back…other times it thoroughly kicks us in the ass and laughs while doing it.  The difference though is made in how you come back, how you continue, and how hard you push.  Coach Crip said last night “We don’t learn from winning, you should know yourself a little better tonight”.

Why is she always right?

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