Running – because zombies hate fast food

Obviously I run and train for more reasons than to train for the impending zombie apocalypse, but it’s a valid reason I suppose especially since 2 of the 33 rules of Zombieland are:
1. Cardio
20. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, unless it’s a sprint, then sprint

I have noticed vast improvements in my cardio over the last few months of Crossfit, a far improvement over the last year when I was running between 10-20km per week.  Most long distance runners will tell you that running long distances is not how you want to train for distance racing but it’s hard to understand that until you’ve seen the benefits.  Just last weekend I did 5km jog on the track and wasn’t winded in the slightest when I finished.  I actually felt kind of bummed out that I wasn’t winded because in my mind that meant I hadn’t worked hard enough but I still almost beat my personal best 5k and I stayed at a consistent pace.  Coming from my first “race” in 2010 when I had to force myself to jog the first kilometer before walking for 30 seconds, that’s huge.

I’m going to try another 5km jog tonight with the goal of finishing under 35 minutes.  My best time is 36:30 over 5km and last week I was just shy of 37:00 without being physically drained so I think 35 minutes is totally attainable.  I have at least 2 charity/fundraiser races to do in 2012 and I want to set personal bests in both.

First up on April 13th is the “Tour de Airdrie” which is organized by the Rotary Club with the entry fees going to fight domestic violence.  I did this race last year and was very happy finishing 33/43 men (102/139 overall) competitors with a recorded time of 42:23.  I’m happy with that though because my Nike+ GPS clocked that I had done 5.73km (as well as several other people I compared the distance with) in that time which would put me at approximately 37 minutes over 5km which was my goal.  I was very happy actually.  This years goal is sub 35 minutes and a top 100 result.

The second event is a special one for my friends and I–Betty’s Run for ALS.  Our friend Jenn lost her mom Linda to ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease) a few years ago and we’ve become big supporters of the run.  If I do nothing else physical all year, I’ll do this run and so will the ever growing team we put together.  I’ve done it twice now and it’s the longest run I do every year, 5 miles/8km. My net time for the last two years was 1h4min.

In 2010, this race was insanely hard for me and to top it off, it was really hot and they ran out of water for the runners!  In 2011, I felt that I ran much quicker and had a better pace but was still very disappointed to not break the one hour mark.  This year, I have to…there’s just no ifs ands or buts, I will do it in under an hour.  I don’t understand how I wasn’t faster last year, I felt pretty good but it’s gonna happen…the race this year is on June 10th so I have a few months left to prepare.  I want to do at least one 5km run per week over the next while, not to gain cardio but to get those muscles used to the movements and such again, my run last week was only made difficult by muscle soreness so that’s what I’ll work on. 

For more info regarding ALS and Betty’s Run, please visit:

Lastly, I want to add a plug for an internet friend of mine from the UK, Darren Stapleton—he is doing a 147 MILE with a cutoff time of 40 hours on April 7th in order to raise money for “Ex-Service Mental Welfare Society (Combat Stress)”.  If you would like to donate to his amazing effort please visit his donations page,

Darren, you’re nuts, but I wish you all the best!

Now, about those zombies….

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