Box Jumps build Character

 Last night was brutally fun.  Emphasis heavy on both words.  Because of the specific thing I am training for, I really enjoy workouts that incorporate both aerobics and anaerobic workouts, in plain terms that means I like doing cardio and lifting all within the same workout.  Last night really hit that out of the park and while it was a long half hour, it was totally worth it.

I went to the 515pm group last night because I always have Mondays off and as much as I love my 715 crew, getting the WOD done in time to actually spend an evening with my wife once in a while is kinda nice!  She puts up with me a lot, especially since on Crossfit days she only sees me for about 2 hours a day, if that…love you!

Anyways, walking into the building I was feeling alright.  Not feeling super strong but with the mentality that this workout had to be a good one, I needed to fix my brain from the annoyance I felt after Thursday’s lesson in humility.  Post warm up we got into ring dips, which is similar to a tricep dip on a box but with the goal of doing it while free hanging between the rings, a la Chris Spealler–

Now, onto the meat and potatoes (not too many potatoes though, they’re a “bad” carb on the Crossfit Zone Mealplan!)–

The WOD was written as “3 rounds for time: 250m run, 25 pushups, 25 box jumps”.  Coach Crip decided that we could do 5 rounds instead, she’s real generous like that 😉
We were given the option, do 3 rounds or 5, but work as hard as you can.  Into the theme of being hard on myself I signed up for 5 rounds AND 24″ box jumps.  One nice thing about doing 24″ box jumps is that you rarely have to share a box with someone else…

I started on pushups and in the name of form over ego I did them from my knees.  This was the only concession I made on the workout, knowing how hard it was to do all the pushups on Thursday and still having a sore chest.  I got my 25 out of the way and moved to the box.  On my 6th box jump, I lost focus and messed up which resulted in my toe clipping the box top and me slamming my shin on the edge of the box…it’s always a possibility when doing box jumps at that height for me but it’s all in the mindset.  I had to really fight with myself to stay on the 24″ box…I still had 119 box jumps to finish and I had already failed, that takes its toll on your mind.  I somehow convinced myself to stay with the 24″ on round 1 and got through it, starting my run.  I was pretty happy with the running portion of this as 250m is a good distance to push hard through.  Any further and it’s easy to forget to breath but at 250m, it only take about a minute so I find it easier to just suffer through and push hard than to quit.

The single hardest part for me on this WOD were the box jumps.  I did have some difficulty with the pushups as well but they’re a little easier to push through…If I fail on a pushup, no biggie–I restart and do it correctly.  If I mess up a big box jump though, I could get hurt and that’s the fine line between perseverance and ego.  I finished with a total of 121 complete box jumps…my last 4 were done as step ups because my shin was realllllllly sore by that point and it affected me to the point that Coach Crip noticed, so I did the last 4 as step ups.  I’ve got a pretty good bump on my leg today but surprisingly no bruising, if there’s no good war wound then I was probably just being a pansy about it anyways!  My final time for the 5 rounds was 26:19.  The slowest of the day so far, but frankly, I don’t care!  I was really happy with myself, at least I was when I finally slowed my heart rate down and caught my breath.

For my “impressive video of the day”, this is one of my favourite box jump videos ever.  The guy in the video is Max Pacioretty, an NHL player for the Montreal Canadians.  Here he is doing a flat foot 57″ (4’9″) box jump with no assistance…simply a WOW video.

I should write in a quick note–I updated the weight loss bar to the right.  I’ve been slow on updating that because frankly, I wasn’t doing very good.  I yoyo’d a lot over Christmas and finally have recovered to the point that I’m happy with the progress.  Today was 304…next week hopefully the “3” will be gone forever…

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