Trying to keep up

I am a sore human being today.

After Monday’s box jump and pushup workout I was already a little stiff going into yesterday’s WOD and today there is a noted lack of mobility!  Last night was a full body workout and to be brutally honest I’m borderline dreading tonight…as awful as that sounds, I know that this paragraph isn’t exactly doing a good job of persuading you to join us at Crossfit 403

If and when you do join us, don’t expect otherwise–you will have days that you do not want to go and days where you will be sore.  That’s the price you pay to play the game as hard as some of us do.  Granted, I generally push myself pretty hard but if you’re doing intense workouts as much as we are, you will have sore days.  Sorry if I’ve burst your bubble.

Last night was definitely a night where I had to force myself to attend, tonight is already feeling the same way–I’m tired, sore, exhausted, unmotivated, frustrated, and just emotionally drained from helping a couple close friends deal with some very difficult personal situations.  On top of all of that I am doing after hours training for a volunteer position I hold and preparing for some other upcoming events.  February is shaping up to be a really busy month and I’m already feeling burnt out about it.

The theme for this month is simple and it’s been engrained in my head for a long time thanks to Mr. Jim Kramer, my high school music teacher—“no excuses, just results“.  The first time I heard him say those words was about 15 years ago (time flies huh Mr. K?) and it’s just always stuck with me.

In trying to get psyched up for yesterday, I tried on my new CF403 shirt and took a really awful myspace-esque pic—

That bottom line was the mantra for the night, just try to keep up and get through it, it’s only a workout.

Regarding the workout, here’s the board.  Thanks to Coach Crip for taking the picture when my hands were trembling too bad after the WOD to actually snap a stable pic…

There ARE some amazing individuals at CF403 who can do those rope climbs mentioned above, I am not one of them.  For the regular humans among us, we were to replace these with pull ups.  In this fashion, my workout was–
50 back squats (RX 75lbs)
25 pull ups (two bands, strict style, no kipping)
40 back squats
20 pull ups
30 back squats
15 pull ups
20 back squats
10 pull ups
10 back squats
5 pull ups

I started pretty strong, and was feeling alright, making it through the first round of back squats and pullups in about 4 minutes.  Onto the second round, then third.  By the time I got into round 3 though (30 back squats) I was starting to feel it.  I forced myself to slow down and focused on pushing out with my knees and staying on my heels.  It becomes VERY noticeable when you do a movement with correct form vs. incorrect when you’re working that hard and becoming tired and winded.  When you do it wrong, you just hurt…plain and simply you hurt.  BUT, when you actually push yourself to do it correctly and get the movement done the way your body is designed to work best, it’s so noticeable that it’s almost humorous. 

My final time was 16:23.  I had looked at the board before we started and made the mental goal of finishing under 15 minutes.  That said, I am not disappointed with my time.  We had a real good stretch afterwards and I stretched for probably 30 minutes when I got home, still waking up with some stiffness.  Tonight will no doubt be a challenge, but with my non-Crossfit schedule this week, it may be my last CF403 visit for a few days, gotta make it count.

No excuses, just results.

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