Crossfit Ramsay: Western Classic 2012 and the Superbowl

While my last WOD at Crossfit 403 was on Wednesday, myself and the rest of the CF403 crew have hardly been idle.  I was disappointed on Saturday that I had to work and thus miss the Crossfit Ramsay: Western Classic 2012 Competition.  I wasn’t about to compete, but I would have really enjoyed going to cheer on the CF403 coaches and members who competed–I could be wrong but looking over the results I think I counted six CF403ers who competed, well done to you all!

A very special congratulations (and of course a high 5 tonight) goes to our own Coach Crip, who placed first overall in the RX Women’s Category.  I wish I could have been there but that’s definitely a GREAT way to make CF403 look good.  I also want throw out kudos to any and all who are competing in the Crossfit Open this month, potentially the Crossfit Regionals and even the World Games (July 13-15).  You all rock and I’m proud to know you.

A great video about the Western Classic–

All those competing get a Coach Crip high-5, this one courtesy of Scott 😉

After taking a few days off and getting some things sorted out, I’m definitely feeling better and ready to go back.  Honestly and not surprisingly, I did miss it…a lot.  So much so that I undertook Coach Crip’s Superbowl Challenge on Sunday.  The Superbowl 46 Challenge was:

I was extremely pleased to finish the burpees in just over 4 minutes, though I still felt like I should have gone quicker.  I actually had trouble with these as I did the WOD in my basement and I kept slipping on the carpet when I tried to jump to my feet.  Getting through the squats and situps wasn’t too bad, got onto the pushups.  I did hand release pushups for these, in order to get a full range of motion.  I only have a few weeks left to achieve my 20 straight pushups goal, but I’ll be happy with 20 straight hand release pushups from my toes for this goal.  It’s still a vast improvement.  I finished the first 4 movements in just over 11 minutes, and then it was on to handstand holds.

Now, there were a few ways I contemplated doing these.  I thought about doing them from a box or counter with my knees on said support, and I also thought about doing handstand tucks…I don’t actually know what they’re called but here’s a picture I found–

I decided though that I would do wall walk handstands.  Basically, I stand with my back to the wall, and put my hands on the floor.  I then step up the wall, getting as vertical as possible, and then hold this position.  It took me a few tries to get it as I can’t hold this anywhere near 46 seconds straight but in total it took about 2.5 minutes to get 46 seconds of handstand holds in.  Very difficult, by far the hardest part of this WOD for me.  I guilted my buddy Ryan into doing this at home too and he did it in about 12:30 so I’m relatively happy with the result.

About half an hour before Coach Crip posted this WOD on the CrossFit 403 in Airdrie Facebook Page, I was feeling like I hadn’t done enough over the last few days so I went for a quick run.  Not too far, just something to get out of the house for a few minutes.  I ended up doing 1.67km in exactly 10:00 and this included my fastest mile ever, at 9:31.  I was only 2 seconds off my fastest 1km as well, at 5:41.  I got back from the run, saw the facebook notification on my phone and basically went downstairs to start the WOD.  A pretty intense half hour of work, but I felt a lot less guilty about watching the Superbowl afterwards!

I’ll be back at CF403 tonight, and I’m greatly looking forward to it…I have some new shoes to try out!  At the recommendation of another CF403er, I picked up a pair of New Balance Minimus shoes and can’t wait to give them a go.  They weigh an astonishingly light 9.2 ounces (size 12).  Updates in the morning!


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