Happy WOD Day

Tuesday at CF403 was a pile of fun.  As I said yesterday, 5 days off was really difficult and I was really looking forward to getting back into it.  As I was getting ready, I took a look at the WOD board and got a little excited.  Two things I’m getting much better at are skipping and wall balls–I still can’t do double unders consistently but with the purchase of my own rope I will be able to practice these much more at home and get it down pat. 

The WOD board in its Tuesday glory–

After getting through the warmup, I noticed that someone had added 20 burpees to the end.  Not a bad thing really because last night was my first night wearing my New Balance Minimus shoes.  I had been shopping for some better shoes for Crossfit because I have been wearing my running shoes and though they are great for my distance running, they simply aren’t designed for lifting and some other things like box jumps are a little difficult in them because the sole is so thick.  I had been looking at a sweet pair of Inov8’s and saw that Steve had some.  I asked him for his opinion and he mentioned that he really preferred his NB Minimus shoes, so I took a closer look at them.  They were about the same price locally as Inov8’s were online (though they could have been ordered cheaper offline, I wanted them now) and I liked that there was a local store where I could try them on.  Minimus is a great title for them…they’re basically some fabric around your feet and a really thin sole.  I’m not really sure why, can’t really put a finger on it, but the burpees definitely felt different and possible even easier  Maybe it’s the thickness of the sole…I’m not sure, but I really like them!

We moved onto Push Presses, doing 7 sets of 3.  Derek and I shared a bar as usual and when we checked our PR’s, both of us had PR’s of 145lbs for this.  I did that several months ago, in my first week I think, so at some point I’d like to retest it just for curiosity.   We did our sets/reps at the following:

When we finished I got Derek to help me add 30lbs, I wanted to see how one push press at 145lbs felt.  I remember when Keith and I did my 145lb one rep max back in September/October I really had to struggle to get the bar over my head at 145lbs.  Last night 145 was difficult but I could have done more for sure, so that’s another obvious step forward.  I was pretty happy with the result and having a feeling of success on the skill when you go into the WOD really helps.

The WOD itself was a pretty simple format–10 minute AMRAP with one round being 10 wall ball tosses and 60 single under skips.  I did however use a 16lb medicine ball as the 20lb ball was being used by someone else and that was a little disappointing but really, it’s still a big weight to toss 10 feet in the air.  Looking at the board, I figured that I’d aim for 6 rounds–that would put me at about 1:40 per round which I felt would be a good pace for the 10 minutes and a good goal.  I must say that I was really happy when I completed to find out that I had totally finished 7 rounds.  I finished my 60th skip with 1 second left to complete round 7.

After last night, I really understood how many more rounds I could have done if I had double unders in my repertoire.  I really want to focus on them in the next few weeks.

On that note, I have a question for you all: What move or skill do you want to work on and add to your bag of tricks?

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