Playing to my Strengths

One of my absolute favourite lifts to do are deadlifts.  This isn’t a secret if you’ve been reading for a while but it’s pretty common knowledge that when you feel that you’re good at something, you enjoy doing it more. 

We had a relatively small turnout last night, which was kind of nice for a change.  With it being Valentine’s Day, hopefully everyone was able to spend time with the significant other, and that’s probably why it was so quiet.  At 715 group, there were only 6 of us and 2 of the boxers from Trinity.  It’s almost weird to have only 8 people and 1 coach in the gym at a time, but it was nice to have lots of space to WOD.

My calves were absolutely wrecked last night, something I expected considering Monday’s stair climbing efforts.  I didn’t anticipate they’d hurt as bad as they did but I really focused on stretching them out well before the WOD, knowing that box jumps were on the slate.  Even with them loosened up a bit, I was still nervous about box jumps…usually another one of my favourites.

The WOD board was there as always, to greet us and give us a battle plan:

The WOD would be a 15 minute AMRAP, with one round being 9 deadlifts (165lbs for men), 12 hand release push-ups, and 15 box jumps.

I was excited about the deadlifts for sure.  My PR for one deadlift is 325lbs, so 165lbs is almost half.  For the box jumps, I was on my usual 24″ box.

We got underway and I pounded through the deadlifts quick, moving to pushups.  I did my first set of 12 from my toes but realized my form was horrible, I probably looked like I was doing the worm…for round two I went to my knees for them.  When I stepped up to the box, I did one box jump and I just had a bad feeling.  I successfully completed it but with how my calves were feeling, I didn’t want to tempt fate so I did 24″ step ups instead.  Coach Ryan was our boss for the night and he told me to focus on planting my whole foot on the box before stepping up, rather than just having the front of my foot on the box, this would work my whole leg much better.  Finishing that, and round one is done, back to deadlifts.

I felt really good through the deadlifts, and this is where I made up my time.  By round 3, my step ups were getting slow and so were the pushups, but my deadlifts stayed consistent which was a good mental boost.  In total, I managed to complete 7 rounds, as well as the 9 deadlifts in round 8.  This means that my total numbers in 15 minutes were:

72 deadlifts @ 165lbs
84 pushups, hand release
105 24″ step ups

Not bad numbers at all I don’t think!  I saw on the board that most people had achieved 5-7 rounds, my goal was 6 rounds so to complete a full 7 and fire off my last 9 deadlifts in under 11 seconds really pumped me up.  We had a good stretch afterwards and then it was time to go home and spend some time with the Mrs.  A great night overall and it put me in a good mood for today.  Sadly, I’ll be skipping out tonight as Melinda and I volunteered to watch a friend’s awesome kids for the night.  Back at it Thursday night though!

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