Buck Furpees

I was pretty excited to head back into CF403 last night after taking Wednesday off even though my calves were still on fire from Monday’s nasty stair climb.  The warmup itself was pretty intense last night and included squats, wall balls and burpees.  We all had a chuckle when we got up off the ground from doing tabata situps and planks though because we had worked hard enough already to leave imprints of ourselves outlined on the floor; and we hadn’t even done the actual workout yet!

The WOD itself was a 10 minute AMRAP, this time meaning “as many REPS as possible”, not rounds.  There was a 10 minute time limit and you had to do as much as possible–if that meant only finishing the 60 bar facing burpees, good on ya, you still did a pretty intense burpee session!  My goal was to finish all the exercises, though I did them modified.

Bar facing burpees are a variation on standard burpees and rather than explaining them and taking up valuable space, here’s a video (though I wish I looked this good doing them!):

After about burpee #25, it was getting harder to make the jump so I’d sort of hop over and sometimes step over.  Do what you can and work as hard as you can, right?  It took me almost 7 minutes of the 10 just to finish the burpees.  Afterwards though, I had a realization—check back to this post on December 29, 2011—less than 2 months ago, it took me just under 9 minutes to do 50 normal burpees…Sweet!

For overhead squats, the board had been written as 95/65, 95lbs for men, 65lbs for women.  Derek had to correct this to say 120lbs for men…keener…Well, I was fully content doing these at 65lbs.  I can do them at 120lbs, I did one last night prior to the WOD.  I know I can do a few at 95lbs too but the prospect of doing 30 overhead squats at 95lbs AFTER doing 60 bar facing burpees just seemed a little daunting and I wanted to make sure I did them correctly.  For ring dips, I did box dips instead, using the 24″ box.  When it came time to do pullups, I had setup a band to do kipping pullups but someone else was in that area doing dips when I needed to do pullups so I found another station and did 10 jumping pullups.

I was stoked after that, because I realized that I had just finished all the exercises at 9:57…3 seconds to spare!  I did one more burpee and that was all she wrote.  Man alive, that was some hard work but it felt real good to finish!

If I can get out of work early tonight I’m going to try to make it to the 615 group but if I don’t, I get spoiled tomorrow.  I’ve got tomorrow off of work as this weekend is a long weekend for us, so I can actually get to a Saturday AM class which I’m very much looking forward too. 

What are your plans for the weekend?

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