Long Weekend WOD’ing

It’s Family Day today where I live, so I had a three day weekend.  As usual it has gone by quicker than I had hoped and I’ve crossed very little off of my to do list but it’s still been a lot of fun.  After taking last Wednesday off, I wanted to get as many workouts in as I could handle.  I managed to make it to Friday’s 615pm group, Saturday morning and this morning.  That means I have 3 WOD’s to get through so I’ll start on those.

Friday’s WOD was as follows:

I always seem to do well with AMRAP workouts, I don’t know exactly why but I think it’s because I get to get in my groove and just work.  No real thinking, the hardest part usually is remembering how many rounds I’ve done or remembering to put a poker chip down after each round to account for them.  I set up my bar for power cleans with 145lbs, just to try it.  Anticipating and striving for 8 rounds would mean doing at least 40 reps and after trying 1 @ 145lbs, I wasn’t totally convinced I could do it.  I should have, I really should have.  I set up the bar with 125lbs and after the workout I had the thought that “ya, I wouldn’t have done as many rounds but I could have done it.”  For reference as well, T2B stands for “toes to bar” or as a modification I did knees to elbows while hanging from the pullup bar.  For wall balls, I varied between the 14lb, 16lb, and the 20lb ball depending which one was available when it was my turn. 

As I said, I was aiming for 8 rounds and so when I managed to pound out 9 rounds plus 4 more power cleans, I was quite happy with myself.  It was hard for sure, a huge effort, but I really enjoyed it actually.  Being a big guy, I tend to do better with lifting and weight workouts as compared to body weight workouts where the “little” guys do better.  It’s all in challenging yourself though!

After that WOD on Friday night, I really had to drag my butt out of bed on Saturday morning but I knew that I’d probably be able to get through the WOD and still get home before my wife got out of bed, so I figured I had nothing better to do!  Plus on Friday night, a few other guys said they were coming and I said I was so if I backed out, I would have felt guilty all day.  Saturday’s WOD was a team workout and a pretty intense one too:

It was 10 rounds for time, 5 rounds for each team member.  One member will do maximum kettlebell swings while the other does 15 medicine ball slams and 10 box jumps “up and over”.  That means, jump up on the box and jump off the other side, turn around, and repeat.  When the person doing the slams and box jumps is done, that’s one round, switch places.  Mike and I teamed up and we used the 24″ box and 16lb medicine ball.  I used a 53lb (1.5 pood) kettlebell for my swings too, I am pretty good at them and like the challenge.  I estimated it to be about a 15 minute workout and we managed to get through it in 13:50.  I’ve said before that I do well in team workouts because someone else’s results are depending on me and this was no exception.  The box jumps really mess with your head and while I did fall once on my last round, I just pushed through and got it done.  The fall wasn’t that bad, I was in a good position and managed to get a foot down without getting hurt at all…always a good thing.

I should also add that before the WOD, we did a 2 minute push up sprint.  You have 2 minutes to do as many pushups as possible.  I had the goal (in the right column—->) to do 20 consecutive “perfect form” pushups.  I figured this was a good time to try it and I managed to do it!  I did my first 20 to achieve my goal from my toes and felt good about my form.  I did 5 from my knees for a bit of a rest, and did the last few on my toes again.  In total, I got to 40!  40 pushups in two minutes, I was very pleased with that and it set a good tone for the workout.  Goal achieved!!

That brings us to today, Monday.  I went to the 1130am class with Coach Bree and we warmed up with some skipping.  I got into a decent rhythm and was actually pretty pleased with it.  I read a great article last night from another blogger (xfitbarbie, click here!) and put it into practice today.  Point #7 was what I had to work on, just relaxing.  Once I relaxed, I actually managed to do 4 consecutive double unders!  It’s not the 10 I was aiming for but it felt pretty good to get that many in.  I also did some where I’d do a double under, then 3 or 4 singles, and then another double under.  I got to 7 doing it this way, without breaking the chain.  Happy day 🙂

I didn’t take a picture of the WOD board but Bree’s workout for us was:
5 Rounds for Time
Run 200m
50 situps
25 kettlebell swings (I did 53lb)
10 overhead squats (I did 65lbs)

Running workouts are always harsh and fun simultaneously and this was no different.  By round 3, I felt really good and was in a good place mentally to finish it off.  I finished round 5 at 27:10.  Our whole group today finished the WOD in under 30 minutes, well done to all!  When we were done, Bree, Dan, and myself all did 10 burpees…just ’cause we’re weird like that.  All in all a great morning, though I’ve blown the last 3 hours since by doing nothing…I suppose I should sign off now and go do something productive, but I don’t know yet how that plan will work out, we’ll see!  Cheers!

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