New Goals

On Friday I blogged about The Crossfit Open 2012 workout, 12.1–as many burpees as possible in 7 minutes.  I stated in that post that I wanted to re-try the workout and achieve 60 burpees but with how the weekend played out, I didn’t re-do it.  I had originally felt a little disappointed that I hadn’t attained that goal (I did 57) but in the grand scheme of things I still did better than I would have a few months ago and there are 5 more Open WOD’s to go.  It’s just about putting my head down and doing work for the next 5 weeks of this competition.

My initial goal was to not be on the last page of the leaderboard.  We have only completed 1 of 6 workouts thus far but you have to dig 10 pages from the back to find me on the leaderboard!  So far so good….

On the topic of goals, I wasn’t able to achieve 3 goals on my list to the right by Saturday, which was my 28th birthday.

I haven’t yet been able to do 10 consecutive double unders, 4 is my highest so far.
I haven’t yet been able to do 1 unassisted pullup, but I feel this is close (kipping).
I haven’t yet weighed in at 285lbs, but the weight is coming off.

Those goals will stay there until I reach them, I’m already contemplating what my next goals will be and I’ve got a few ideas. 

I only have one immediate goal, with a deadline of April 1, 2012 (the end of the 2012 Open).  On or before this date, I will complete each of the following workouts.  These were asked for on the Crossfit Games sign up form and I only had times for 3/7 workouts and I have no max pullups PR #.

Fran – No Time
Helen – No Time
Grace – 4:43
Filthy 50 – 36:34
Fight Gone Bad – No Score
Sprint 400m – No Score
Run 5k – 36:30

Clean & Jerk – 150lb
Snatch – 135lb
Deadlift – 325lb
Back Squat – 225lbs
Max Pull ups – (no score)

Yesterday, being my day off from work, was a fairly relaxing day and because it was a day off, I got to do my workout at 1130am with Coach Bree.  This is nice because I get to sleep in a bit, have a good breakfast and get to the box without feeling that I’m in a rush.  This class is nice too since there are no classes afterwards so it’s usually fairly laid back atmosphere.  I got there and started with some skipping to get warmed up and work on the double under goal.  My best yesterday was 3 consecutive and my skipping just felt off.  After our warm-up, our skill to work on was the push jerk.  We were tasked with 5 sets of 5, and I did my first set at bar weight, 45lbs.  I moved up for each round afterwards–
Round 1 – 45lbs
Round 2 – 75lbs
Round 3 – 95lbs
Round 4 – 115lbs
Round 5 – 145lbs

145lbs is my PR for push press so my push jerk number should be higher, though I did do 6 reps at 145lbs lbs yesterday.  My biggest problem with this lift goes way back to the infamous “Rainbows and Unicorns” post…I’m not aggressive enough.  The power is there to do more, I just need to teach myself how to be more explosive and less timid with my lifts.  All in all though, I felt pretty good.

The workout itself was one of my favourite formats, 21-15-9.  In this three round format you do 21 of each exercise in round one, 15 of each in round 2 and 9 of each in round three.  I like this because while it’s a fast paced workout, typically under 7-10 minutes depending on the movements, it seems easier to press on when you know you have fewer to do in the next round.  The WOD yesterday was:

hand release push ups
box jumps (24″ for me)
sit ups
rowing for calories

I’ve never “rowed for calories” before but what you do is hop on a machine and burn 21 calories in round 1, 15 in round two, 9 in round three.  It’s actually harder than it sounds!
My final time for the workout was 11:17.  I had hoped for a sub 11 minute time but I’m far from disappointed, I felt really good afterwards.  Thanks to Coaches Bree and Wendy for helping me with the push jerks too, I made some advances in form and technique for sure.

That all leaves me with one question—You know my plans, what are you going to work on over the next 5 weeks to step up your game?

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