Do you remember the Ab Roller?  That odd shaped structure of tubing and foam that was supposed to get you ripped in minutes?  It was far from the first abdominal exercise product on the market but they survived for years and you probably still see them in your aunt’s basement closet or in the darkened, dusty corner of your local gym. 

I’ll admit, I had one…in fact I’d bet good money it’s still in my parents basement…

Well, my dad always used to joke that he didn’t need an Ab Roller, he needed an Ab Finder ’cause he knew there was at least one good ab in there somewhere; good news Dad, Coach Crip has an Ab Finder and they’re called Toes to Bar.

Last night’s WOD

At first glance, the workout seemed pretty intense but I actually very much surprised myself.  The workout was for time, 1 round:
25 HSPU – hand stand push ups
50 T2B – the aforementioned toes to bar (or knees to elbows)
800m Row
75 overhead push press @ 75lbs
150 double unders (or 300 single unders)

After watching the previous group finish, I was hoping for a 20-22 minute final time.

For HSPU’s there are some modifications, one being shown in this picture I found online (which I take no credit for):

I did them in a similar fashion but with my knees on the box.  Still a good workout but a little easier for me. 

Now the Toes to Bar…typically I do knees to elbows while hanging from the pullup bar, as seen in a previous post.  We have a new modification though–instead of hanging from the pullup bar, you lay flat on your back and reach as far as you can over your head, hanging on to something; a couch, pillar, your friend’s legs, or in my case the uprights for the pullup rack.  While doing this, do a crunch and roll up on your shoulders and kick the the thing you’re holding onto.  Same movement as toes to bar, but done while laying down.  I have found that I get much more abdominal work done with this than I do with knees to elbows while hanging.  As previously stated, this was the Ab Finder…if there was any doubt I had abs, those are now gone because they hurt like hell last night!

I went on to rowing after this and was able to make the 800m in about 3:30 which allowed me a few seconds to get my breathing back under control before going onto push presses.

I had an annoyingly hard time with push presses last night.  75lbs for 75 reps is daunting but it goes by quickly.  I had two big problems last night though; I kept doing push JERKS and not pressing the weight properly and I was overworking myself by letting the bar down to slowly, thus holding the weight over my head for far more time than was necessary.  This was by far my slowest exercise of the bunch but I have to thank Regan for standing by me and coaxing me onwards and upwards.  I was getting pretty dejected by my performance but he helped me through.  By the end I was only doing sets of 2 or 3 but I got through and was able to finish with skipping.  I went with 300 single unders and completed my first 150 unbroken!  That’s a personal best for me and I was pretty happy.  I did the next 50 unbroken, and then pushed through the last 100, taking a 2-3 second break whenever I messed up or broke my jump.  I finished with a final time of 19:11, with which I was very happy.

After taking some deep breaths and cooling down for a few minutes we tidied up and started stretching.  Regan took the time to give me some skipping advice to help me towards my double unders goal and I tried out these tips with his (or Heather’s) new Rogue SR-1 Bearing Speed Rope.  I have to say that I really REALLY like this rope, and I promptly went home to order one.  I do still really like Ultra Speed Cable rope from Rogue but the SR-1 is just much more comfortable for me to use.  After doing that complete WOD, I was still able to string together several double unders and I left feeling pretty damn good.  Thanks again Regan!

Tonight will be a night off for me, my little brother and his lovely lady bought their first house and took possession today so I’ll be helping them move in but I’ll be back at it tomorrow night to tackle Open WOD 12.2–the snatch.  More on that tomorrow!

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