Dealing with Disappointment

Well, last night was the night for my attempt at Open WOD 12.2
For a breakdown of the WOD and its requirements, see yesterday’s post.

I had done my best to psych myself up throughout the day knowing that it would be difficult.  I don’t have a lot of experience doing the overhead snatch and my PR for a one rep lift is 135lbs–done only two weeks ago.

I knew I’d have no issues with the 75lb snatch lifts, so my goal for the 10 minutes was to finish them as quick as humanly possible and then have lots of time left for my 135 attempts.  The first part of this plan went swimmingly and I finished my first 30 reps at 75lbs in under 1:30.  That left with me eight and a half minutes to achieve my goal of 31 total reps, just ONE at 135lbs. 

Well, that was a very long, difficult, humbling, frustrating, and maddening 8:30.  I didn’t do it, and I was pissed.

I’m NOT going to blame my performance on an injury, though I did tweak my shoulder on 135lb attempt 4 or 5 leaving me in some difficulty and even with some muscle pain through this morning.  I am happy to report that it’s not a major injury and I’ll be back quick, maybe even tomorrow. 

I felt absolutely awesome and impressed with myself after my first 30 reps.  I got the 45# plates onto the bar and stepped back, ready to crush my first 135lb lift and bask in my happiness.  I had done one 135lb lift while practicing earlier in the evening and was confident at this point that I’d achieve my goal.  Setting up felt good, breathing was good, all was right in my world…and then I turned off the awesome switch and turned up the suck dial. 

I need to learn to relax sometimes.  I had a whole lot of time to do my single rep, but every time I started a lift, I did something wrong.  I did exactly what I do when I get mad while golfing.  I make one little mistake that I know I shouldn’t have made, I get frustrated, and then I forget everything.

I’d step up to the bar, start my lift and not set my shoulders.  Or, I’d set up with my hands to narrow on the bar (thanks to Lee for noticing that one) in the first place.  I’d correct those, and then I wouldn’t get under the bar enough.  I will say that I was proud of myself that I kept trying, trying my last lift at 9:56, but I didn’t get a single 135lb lift in and that just deflated me.  If I would have just stopped for even a minute, thought my form through and just done a checklist, I probably would have gotten it done.  We’ll see how I feel tomorrow morning though as some CrossFit 403 members are heading into CrossFit Ramsay to re-test…I might give that a go but we’ll see how my shoulder feels.  If I have the time I wouldn’t mind just going to cheer them on, count reps, and meet some of the CrossFit Ramsay folks I know over the internet but have never met.  Either way, I have found a weakness that needs attention and attention it will receive.

Any guesses on what workout 12.3 will be?

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