Feels like it’s been a while!

It was pretty obvious after my whiny post on Saturday that I was initially disappointed with myself and my performance on Open competition workout 12.2.  I had thought about retesting it on Sunday morning but in the end, I made the smart decision to just stick with my 30 reps.

I woke up on Sunday morning chomping at the bit, ready to go try again.  My shoulder was still a little sore so for the sake of making a decision, I went downstairs and setup a bar to do an overhead lift.  It didn’t feel so good so I figured it was best to just cheer the team on, take pictures, and count reps if necessary.  We had a good sized support group there for the athlete’s testing so I snagged Regan’s tablet and took a bunch of pictures instead.

Props to everyone who did the 12.2 workout though–I know several of us were a bit ticked that we couldn’t manage the 31st rep but we still did a good job, be content knowing you gave it your best. 

Several people retested and bettered their scores too–Shayne, Regan, Shauna, and Derek (who blew his old score out of the water).  Dawnie also did an awesome job and was visibly (and audibly!) excited that she did 29 reps at 75lbs, she’d never done 1 rep at that weight before!  BJ killed it too, I think he really surprised himself a lot but I wasn’t too shocked at his 40+ rep performance.

I took the rest of Sunday off and got back into it Monday morning with Bree at 1130.  We did back squats for a skill, 5 sets of 5.  I was happy getting up to 165lbs on my 5th set but I decided to do a 6th set with just the weight of the bar so as to just get a better feel for the squat depth and form.  That felt good, and onto the WOD we went. 

The WOD was a 4 set tabata workout.  To review, a tabata workout is a workout split into 20 second work intervals and 10 seconds of rest.  You repeat this 8 times for a total of 4 minutes.

I started with GHD back extensions–click here to review that post–so I would do as many reps as possible for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds and repeat.  I averaged about 12 reps per 20 second interval but somehow managed 15 on my last round.

After that 4 minute set, I went to rowing, rowing as hard as possible for each 20 second interval.  I was aiming to complete 100m per interval and with the machine “winding down” while I rested for the 10 second intervals, I was just able to complete 1000m on the rower so I was really happy.

Round 3 was sit-ups and I aimed for 9 situps per 20 seconds.  Usually I’d aim for 10 but my abs were a bit sore after the GHD extensions and with tabata’s, consistency is the goal.  I did 9 for every set, 10 on the last set.  Last up were pushups and after the first round from my toes, my shoulder started to hurt.  For the next set of pushups, I went from my knees but 10 reps there still hurt so for the remaining rounds I did sets of 5 from my knees.  All in all, a very intense 16 minute workout.  Tabata’s are brutal, but an odd amount of fun.  I do tabata’s at home on days off too and have an awesome app for them on the iPhone–

Tabata Trainer
It has workouts pre-programmed, just select the workout you want to do and follow the instructions.  They vary from 8 minutes to 16 minutes long and from easy to advanced. 

Another good app that I only got last week is called Workout Hero
This one is designed specifically for CrossFit and has all the benchmark workouts preprogrammed–“The Girls”, “The New Girls”, “The Hero’s”, and a few random WODs are all included.

If you know of any other cool apps and workout logging programs, comment on this post and let me know.  I’m a geek at heart and love playing with that kind of stuff!

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