I think I can

It’s been a rough week…I miss CrossFit 403.
As you saw in the last post, I gimped my foot up pretty good on Monday–that, combined with a meeting Wednesday night and plans with the Mrs. on Thursday night, something was telling me to just take some time off.  I couldn’t stay away though so I went in on Wednesday to cheer on a few folks who were trying WOD 12.4 for the CrossFit Open.  It’s going to be a burner….

WOD 12.4 is 12 Minutes, complete as many reps as possible of:
150 Wall balls
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups
(if you finish muscle-ups, start over at wall balls)

Here’s the official video on the WOD:

I have no illusions of getting to muscle-ups, heck, I may not even make it to double unders, but I’m okay with that.  After watching a few people do this WOD, I’ll be extremely happy with 100–especially still having a stiff and sore ankle.  I’m planning on doing them in sets of 10 to start with so we’ll see how that goes but the single biggest goal I have for tonight is just to get a score.  Three days ago I wasn’t sure if I’d even be able to compete so simply having a score to submit will make me happy.  I’ll hope for the best but something is better than nothing!  You have no idea how stoked I’d be to get just one double under, no idea at all.

 I know it’s possible though, check back to this post–on January 23rd we did a workout called Karen which is down and dirty, do 150 wall ball tosses as quick as you can.  I finished 150 in 11:33…so the ability was there.  Time to push it!

One last thing…oh happy days!
This morning had two great moments to it.  First, I stepped on the scale to weigh in, and don’t ya know, there wasn’t a single 3 on the scale!  297.4 it said today, a very happy start!  Then I went to get dressed and noticed that my jeans were wrecked…they’re garbage now.  They’re a size 44 and I’ve had them for a long time, they’ve been repaired before, so it’s time to toss them.  Problem was that I had no clean jeans…except for a few pairs that I haven’t worn in a couple years because they are size 38 and 40.  What the hell, let’s give it a go.  Well, I’m wearing size 40 jeans now so it was another thing to be happy about, now I just have to not wreck the progress over St. Patty’s Day weekend!

Cheers (but not too many)!

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