Great Success

This is totally how I felt last night after WOD 12.4:

To re-cap, WOD 12.4 was:
12 Minutes, complete as many reps as possible of:
150 Wall balls
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups
(if you finish muscle-ups, start over at wall balls)

My goal was twofold–I wanted a score and I was aiming for 100 wall balls tosses.  I would have been over the moon to get to double-unders but happiness would ensue at 100 wall balls.  I had Steve judging for me again and I was in the last group to go so after cheering on a few others, it was our turn.

While the group before us was finishing though, I was trying to keep moving.  Keep stretching, stay warm, and stay loose.  The last thing I wanted was to seize up during the WOD and have my legs cramp up.  With the group before us just about done I was talking to Coach Regan and he suggested I do some rowing while they finished to get some heat into my legs and build up some lactic acid.  It was definitely a good call and I felt pretty good go when I stepped up to the wall.


I was trying to maintain sets of 10 to start with and move down to sets of 5 tosses as I got tired.  It was harder than I remember though and by rep 55 or so I was losing air and only doing sets of 3.  I got to rep 75 at exactly the halfway point, 6 minutes.  I was on pace to finish all 150 tosses in 12 minutes so I took a quick break, grabbed a sip of water and got back to it.  When I finally made it to 100, I was very happy.  I had resigned myself to the knowledge that with the time left I wouldn’t hit 150, but I was going to now aim for 115.  All said and done, I did 124 reps at 20lbs.  I was and still am very happy with this.  For the first time in one of these competition WODs, I haven’t had the thought that I could have/should have done better.  I reached my goal, and surpassed it by 24%.  Thanks to everyone for cheering us all on, everyone gave it their all and there were some pretty stellar performances!

I got a note yesterday too and want to clarify some numbers.  When I talk about this workout as 12.4, or the previous 12.1, 12.2, etc it denotes the year and workout number for the CrossFit Open.  There are 5 “Open WODs”, Open competition workout of the days, and last night was the fourth workout so it was 2012 Open workout 4—12.4.  I hope that makes more sense now.

Tonight Melinda and I are heading to the home of some fellow CF403ers for a St. Patrick’s Day party, Melinda’s second favourite holiday of the year (only second to Halloween).  She’s even gone ahead to make some really awesome “green paleo” appetizers–she made deviled eggs but used avocado instead of mayonnaise so they are green in colour AND paleo.  I’m looking forward to trying them!

Have fun, and if you do decide to have some wobbly pops, get a ride home.

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