More Progress

Today was a good day for me and CrossFit.  I felt pretty damn awesome after the WOD and was happy to be back in the box, also happy to see it was a mobility WOD day.  This doesn’t mean it’s an easy day by any means, it just means that we focus more on flexibility, stretching, preventative maintenance, etc.  It allows us to take a break from high stress movements and focus on maintaining the joints and muscles that we abuse the rest of the week.

Now, another milestone happened for me tonight too as it was the night I was going to attempt WOD 12.5.  This will be my final WOD for the 2012 CrossFit Open, thus ending my first ever fitness competition.  The Open WOD for this week is called a ladder workout; only two movements but the rep count increases every round.  The two movements for this WOD are thrusters, and chest to bar pull-ups.

I’ve never done thrusters before which means I’ve never showed you what they are.  Here’s the instruction video for the competition and it shows both movements very well:

Jason Khalipa is one of my favorite CrossFit athletes too, and having emailed him once regarding the use of his video’s on the blog I was surprised.  Not only surprised that he actually took the time to respond, but because of how supportive he was of “the new guy” on the block and I really appreciated that.  Anyways, that’s really inconsequential to this post, but he’s a cool guy.

Now, there was still an actual mobility WOD to do which was:
3 RFT – 1 round being 30 air squats, 25 sit-ups, and 15 ball slams (slam a medicine ball from overhead to the ground, catch it in a squat and repeat).  I wanted to finish this in 8 minutes but I also wanted to try WOD 12.5.

I started with 12.5–Coach Crip got me to practice some thrusters as it was a new movement for me.  I started with 10 at 45lbs, moved to 75lbs, then 95lbs, then 100lbs.  The Open WOD required doing 100lbs so that was my aim.  I was happy to find out that I could do the 100lb thrusters, especially since I’d never attempted a barbell thruster before.  I knew going into this that I probably wouldn’t be able to do a chest to bar pull-up.  I will, soon I hope, but not tonight. 

So–clock starts, and off I go, get my 3 x 100lb thrusters out of the way and move to the pull up bar.  My goal here was just to try.  I felt good about it and I actually had some of my best attempts ever tonight.  I am getting really close to getting these and that’s exciting.  After a few minutes of attempts, my 7 minutes was up.  I only scored 3 points, for the thrusters, but that’s all I expected to score and my pull-up attempts went better than I could have hoped so I was on a high.

At the 7 minute mark, I moved right into the mobility WOD.  All three rounds went pretty good and I finished that at 14:48, which adds up to a WOD time of 7:48. 

To beat my 8 minute WOD goal, compete and complete all 5 open WODs, and make great strides really made tonight awesome…ya, I’m in a good mood. Because of this good mood, I decided to re-do my measurements which were originally measured on Dec.1. 

On that day, these were my measurements–
Chest – 50″
Belly – 60″….yuck
Waist – 42″
Thighs – 29.5″
Biceps – 13.5″
Weight – 312lbs

Chest – 46″ (-4″)
Belly – 55″ (-5″)
Waist – 40″ (-2″)
Thighs – 28″ (-1.5″)
Biceps – 14.5″ (+1″)
Weight – 297 (-15lbs)

So–while the weight loss isn’t incredible, totally my own issue sticking to the meal plan, the inches are coming off (and going on in the case of the biceps).  The biceps too were a “soft” 13.5 inches, at 14.5″ now they are solid so the actual gain there is higher.  I have lost though, based on these measurements, 12.5″ in 3.5 months so I’d call this a success so far. 

Time to keep at it and get the numbers down some more.  There are rumors of a Paleo Challenge next month, so I’ll be in for that and we’ll try this paleo thing out in full effect.

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