Strength Day

I’m going to try and keep this post short and sweet….

Monday’s session at CrossFit 403 was pretty cool because we did something we don’t do all that often.  We focused solely on strength for a whole WOD rather than lower weight/high volume type exercises.  The movement on the slate for attention was overhead squats (OHS).  We don’t do this movement all that often and I’ve never considered it a strong point of mine.  My one rep max for this was 115lbs back in December and I remember that being a really bad lift too…so bad in fact, that I didn’t even record it on the blog…

Other than that, we’ve only done a couple WODs that included OHS and those were lower weight WODs. Click here to read my previous post regarding overhead squats. Yesterday, I was determined to break my PR and in finite fashion.

The WOD itself was very simple—do 7 sets at 3 reps per set.  The goal with this is to add weight each round and work up to about 70-75% of your maximum.  I do feel now that I accomplished this.

Here’s the breakdown on weight for my OHS for the first few rounds—

Round 1 – 45lbs, just the bar, to work on form and get comfortable
Round 2 – 75lbs
Round 3 – 95lbs
Round 4 – 95lbs
Round 5 – 115lbs **my SINGLE REP maximum, set on December 16th**
Round 6 – 115lbs

That’s 6 rounds out of the way and I had beat my PR in convincing fashion.  Three months ago, I could only manage one rep at 115lbs and with horrible form.  Yesterday, I did 2 sets of 3 and had plenty left in the tank.  I have found now though that while I’m squatting better and my form feels much improved, the hardest part of an overhead squat is getting the bar back to your shoulders so you can return it to the rack.

For round 7 I decided that I was going to do my set of 3 @ 125lbs.  I did it!  A new PR at 125lbs and I felt very comfortable here.  With the strides I’ve made on my squat form, I think now that there’s a good 20-30 lbs to go up for a one rep max.  Soon, soon.

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