2 WOD Day

I’ve talked some big game before about how it would be awesome to do a couple WODs a day once in a while, but I’ve never actually done it.  With today’s fundraiser, I figured there wasn’t a better time so I went to the 8am CrossFit group and the 5pm Boot Camp.

The 8am CrossFit had a really impressive showing; 27 people showed up with several coming from other CrossFit affiliates to join us and at least two newcomers–I dragged my dad and my buddy Kevin to the WOD for their first CrossFit experience.

We set up for a Team WOD and we were separated into 3 teams of 9.  The workout was as followed:

Each team member would spend 2 minutes at each station, rotating through and doing what you could.  We kept track of our reps at each station to give us something to strive for but in the end there wasn’t actually any sort of competition, just a really hard 18 minute WOD.

Deadlifts (our team used 135lbs)
Row (record total calories burned)
Overhead, weighted lunges—do walking lunges while holding a weight over your head (25lbs for guys)
Double Unders/Skipping
Another Round of Double Unders/Skipping
Wall Ball Tosses
Another round of sit-ups

I wanted to start with double unders, hoping to get a respectable count after 4 minutes and knew that this would best be done if I started here.  It meant I had to finish with lunges, which suck, but I’d have to do them any way I cut it!

Here’s my breakdown on what I did in each set–
49 double unders in 4 minutes
35 pushups
20 wall ball tosses at 20lbs
73 situps in 4 minutes
30 deadlifts
30 calories burned
21 meters of lunges

All in all, a good way to start the morning with an awesome group of people before heading to work!

After work, I subjected myself to round 2 which was a boot camp with Jay from NRG Fitness.  This was a much smaller group though with only myself and my buddy Kevin in the class!  I was happy I went though because regardless of how sore and exhausted I feel right now, Jay’s boot camp was ridiculous.  I was like doing 5 WODs in a row!

Stage 1:
10 inchworm pushes
50 jumping jacks
Complete 3 rounds

Stage 2:
10 air squats
15 burpees
20 superman stretches
25 side leg raises
Complete 4 rounds

Stage 3:
7 minute AMRAP
5 push-ups
10 jumping pullups
15 box jumps (I used 24″ box)
I finished 3 rounds

Stage 4:
Tabata sit-ups (I did all 8 rounds at 9 sit-ups per 20 second interval)

Stage 5:
20 side-to-side scissor kicks – with feet 6″ off the floor, scissor them sideways, over and under.
20 toes-to-sky raises –  lay on back, straighten legs and roll into crunch position and then kick feet towards the ceiling
20 knee-to-elbow crunches – exactly as it sounds
Complete this set 3 times

All said and done, I’m going to be shocked if I can move tomorrow…Jay’s boot camp was both brutal and awesome and I really enjoyed it.  Melinda loved her Zumba and Yoga classes too and we even managed to walk away with one of the draw prizes.  We won $100 worth of organizational services from The Pink Wand Cleaning Services, some fresh coffee from Aura Spa, and myfavourite–a $250 gift certificate from Better Bodies (where I buy my protein powder).

Thanks to EVERYONE who put effort into this whether it was organizing, donating prizes, donating time, or doing the workouts.  It’s a great cause and it was nice to hear there was such a great response! 

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