Thrusting with Ramsay

On Monday afternoon the moons finally aligned and I was able to work out with the crew at CrossFit Ramsay.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a few weeks so that I could meet Coach Ken Andrukow and see the place where my own coach trains.  Even having met and talked to several regular Ramsay members, I still had this weird feeling of unpreparedness as I walked to the door, which is totally unfounded.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned about CrossFit it’s that no one really cares where you come from, as long as you put 100% of yourself into every workout and push yourself.

After Coach Lindsay gave me a quick tour,  I got changed into my requisite “CrossFit 403 Gang Colors” (as my brother calls them) and got ready to work.  People started trickling in and as we warmed up a little bit, a familiar face walked through the back door–Coach Ryan.  I found it kind of ironic that I went to a different box and ended up having the same coach, but he’s a great coach to have.  Dawn arrived shortly thereafter; I had met her on Saturday at the “Fitness for Change” Fundraiser (which raised an awesome $1600 by the way!).

And look, something familiar–of course they have their own WOD Board!

After doing what was actually a pretty fun warmup, the goal of the day was thrusters–7 sets of 3 reps.   I’ve posted this video before, but here’s a video from Jason Khalipa regarding thrusters.
Being that I’ve only done this movement a couple of times, I joined up with Dawn figuring that I should at the very least be able to lift what she can on this movement.  No offense intended by that in the slightest–she’s pretty damn strong and her form is miles ahead of my own.
We figured out the weights that we would use for our sets and got everything set up.  We were going to start at 95lbs and work up to 130lbs for our 7th set.  We ended up surpassing this and my 7 sets went as follows:
3 x 95lbs
3 x 105lbs
3 x 110lbs
3 x 120lbs
3 x 130lbs
3 x 135lbs
3 x 135lbs

By round 5, we had reached Dawn’s goal of a set of 3 at 130lbs.  I felt that I still had more in me so I decided to try a set of 3 at 135lbs.  I did manage to do it but I wasn’t too pleased with my second lift so I decided to repeat at this weight for the 7th round with Ryan and Dawn watching, just to succeed with proper form and in doing so I felt pretty good.

After the WOD I got to have a chat with Coach Ken.  I’ve talked to him a few times, email him probably more than he wants me to, but I hadn’t actually met him yet so it was cool to put a face to the name.  We got to chatting though about my diet and my desire to try going onto a paleo diet for 30 days.  He then told me about a book called “Paleo Solutions” by an author named Robb Wolf.  He graciously lent me his copy and even in my limited free time I’ve still managed to get through several chapters…it actually includes a full 30-day mealplan which I’m looking forward to implementing.  Melinda and I have a few days left of planned meals to get through which we’ve already shopped and planned for but I’m excited and nervous to try this out.  More to follow!
On Tuesday night, I was dreading the workout again…because I knew it involved walking lunges (which I dislike…a lot) while holding a weight overhead–damn twitter spoiling it for me!  I know myself well enough to know that even though I had a lot to do at home, if I didn’t go, I’d consider that as me being a bitch and avoiding a workout…and I just couldn’t bring myself to skip out.
Insert random Pulp Fiction joke…
Sure enough, after our warmup, it was lunge-o-clock.  
5 rounds for time
50 feet of walking lunges, men holding 45lbs overhead
21 burpees
All I could think was “this is gonna suck”…ya well, it did.  BUT, I went and I worked my ass off for exactly 19 minutes, leaving with a sense of accomplishment not just because I worked out, but because I went in the first place.  As Tallahassee said in Zombieland–Rule #32–enjoy the little things.

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