Fight Gone Bad

“Fight Gone Bad” is the name of a workout I’ve been wanting to try for a while.  I finally got that chance on Saturday during our open gym session with Coach Steve.  If you’ve got 7 minutes to view this video, I highly suggest it.  It’s a full rundown on this WOD straight from the guy who came up with it–CrossFit co-founder Greg Glassman.

If you don’t have time to watch that, here’s a breakdown of this WOD–
One round consists of:
1 minute of wall ball tosses (20lbs)
1 minute of sumo-deadlift-high-pulls (75lbs)
1 minute of box jumps (24″)
1 minute of push presses (75lbs)
1 minute of rowing (record calories burned)
1 minute of rest

For our WOD, we did three rounds.  Eventually I’d like to do a full 5 rounds but that’s something to look forward to at a later date!

My final totals for “reps per round” were 65-60-65, for a total score of 190.  I had initially hoped for a score of 150 total points but after getting through 65 reps in the first round I knew 180 was attainable.

In each round I completed 15 wall ball tosses, and a minimum of 15 SDHPs, 15 push presses and 10 calories burned on the rower so to me it was very obvious that the box jumps are where I need to work on my speed.   I only averaged about 5 box jumps per minute so that needs improving.

I’m going to try a three-rounder again soon though because I really want to score over 200 and this is well within my range.

After taking Easter Sunday off, we were back at it yesterday and the clean and jerk was the order of the day.  Here’s a good video from Mike Burgener on this lift–

Back in December I hit a PR of 150lbs on this lift but I remember how difficult it was to do my clean at 150lbs.  My cleans yesterday were much improved and I was quite pleased with myself.  I think I’m going to try a 175lb clean soon–I won’t be able to get that overhead yet I don’t think but getting it to my front rack position is do-able.  I worked my way up to 150lbs yesterday after doing 5 attempts at 145lbs.  I was getting the clean done well but my push jerk (overhead lift portion) just wasn’t aggressive enough.  I kept pressing the bar up, not getting under the bar enough.  This is one of those lifts though that we don’t do a lot of but I do want to work on some more.  There’s a CrossFit benchmark workout called “Grace” which is 30 clean and jerks for time—do 30 (with proper form) as quick as possible.  I’ve done never this at RX (135lbs), only going as high as 115lbs so far, but I will…I will.

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