Keeping Busy!

A couple of weeks ago I told you about a book called “The Paleo Solution: by Robb Wolf”.  Since borrowing Coach Ken’s copy, I received a copy from my wife’s parents to call my own so now I can give Ken’s back.  The book itself was a good read–the first 9 chapters or so get into the science of Paleo, how and why it works, the digestive process, and things like that.  The meals themselves aren’t mentioned until Chapter 10 where the author includes a great 30 day meal plan.  Here’s what to eat, how to prepare it—now, JUST DO IT.  Melinda and I have slowly been working more paleo-esque things into our food and I’ve all but cut out dairy and grains for two weeks already.  I’ve had a couple glasses of milk and a couple slices of bread but for the most part, they’re gone.

I started Day 1 on the book’s meal-plan yesterday, and here was my first supper on the plan:
Baked whitefish (Basa in this case) with pecans and rosemary, side salad, and a handful of thyme roasted green beans.  Pretty dang good actually, I never would have paired pecans with fish…

That was a good end to a super busy day which was started off right!
After waking up I got a good breakfast into my stomach of poached eggs, almonds, and an apple and then it was off to get a quick haircut and head over to CrossFit 403.

The order of the day was an interesting workout setup—theoretically the workout gets easier as you go…

It was 10 rounds of “C2B” (chest to bar pull-ups), 24″ box jumps, and situps on the GHD Machine (click the link to read more about this).  In round one, you do 10 reps of each, but round ten you only do 1 of each.  I do like this style of workout but I knew that pull-ups were going to kick my ass, it’s been a while since we’ve done them.

I went against my own rules and glanced at everyone else’s times to find a ballpark goal for myself, I decided to go for 15 minutes.  I was right though, it was the pull-ups that kicked my ass.  Knowing that the most I’d have to do in a single round was 10 reps, I opted to only use one purple band rather than one green band.  This would make things much more difficult but I’m not here to be easy on myself now am I?

All said and done I finished at 13:38–I’ll be honest though, my last few pull-ups S-U-C-K-E-D.  I was happy with my final pull-up but the 4 or 5 prior to that were garbage…

I also have to admit that I felt awful after the workout.  I was really trying to push myself through this and I definitely felt like crap afterwards, having to resist the urge to just collapse and lay down.  I always try to walk around after a workout, take some deep breaths and relax, it just makes me feel better…I just had to sit down yesterday though, I had nothing left.  Even stretching was difficult!

I also managed to venture into the local “Better Bodies” store yesterday to try and use up the $250 gift certificate I won at the “Fitness for Change” fundraiser.  I’ve never tried to spend that much in a supplement shop but it was actually quite difficult.  I don’t actually use any supplements, pills, etc, I want to avoid them, but having protein powder around the house is really helpful for post-WOD recovery drinks and quick/easy meal and snack replacements.  I don’t rely on them at all, but it’s nice to have the option.  After spending some time with Mark (the owner of Better Bodies) I walked out STILL having $35 to spend!  Here’s the haul—

That should last a while…
I can’t say enough about this business though, he was/is super helpful and friendly, plus that’s a big donation for a small business to support the fight against domestic violence in our city.
Thanks Mark!
Better Bodies Airdrie
118 Main Street North  Airdrie, AB T4B 2B2 (403) 945-3488

By the way, only 9 more sleeps until we leave for Regionals…I feel like a kid at Christmas!

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