Running from Fran

I like pull-ups, not the kind that keep a kids pants dry while they learn to control themselves, but the “hang from a bar a pull for all you’re worth” kind.  They’re extremely challenging for me, seeing as I’m trying to make a 290-some odd pound mass of man pull his head over a bar while maintaining control of said mass but with the help of resistance bands, I can get it done.

When I started at CrossFit 403 late last year I need 3 bands to do a single pull-up, one green (the biggest) and 2 purple (the middle size).  I eventually worked my way down to one purple band and that’s what I used this past Monday for 55 pull-ups (see this post).  Wednesday saw us doing 70 pull-ups and since I was feeling pretty weak and knew the amount I had to do, I used one green band.  There were MORE pull-ups last night (45 more) and even more help was needed!  That’s 170 pull-ups this week…no wonder I can’t lift my arms!

So on Wednesday, the WOD was 7 RFT, of 10 wall balls (20lbs) and 10 pull-ups.  As I said before, my whole upper body was still feeling pretty brutal from Monday’s pull-up/GHD WOD so I went with a single green band.  Coach Crip was very obviously in a good mood, and even photobombed the WOD Board pic–

This crusher of a WOD took me 10:28 using the 20lb medicine ball and one green band…yup, that was difficult!

Last night the 730 group had Coach Regan and I’ll admit, I was really excited to see hanging cleans and box jumps on the board, I really didn’t want to do pull-ups again but I try not to whine 🙂

Here’s a Coach Burgener video on the Hanging Power Clean:

I was then out voted by my fellow 730 crew on which WOD we were going to do, so we ended up “Running from Fran”.  Fran is a benchmark workout I’ve talked about before; it’s a 21-15-9 format so you do 21 thrusters at 95lbs, then 21 pullups, then 15 of each, then 9 of each.  Well, someone figured that was too easy so they added a run before each round!  We would run 400m, do our 21 rep rounds, run 300m, do the 15 rep round, run 200m, do 9 reps…”that’s it”.

I set up a bar with 95lbs and did a few thrusters.  I knew that 95lbs would be really difficult to do but I wanted to at least start there.  I did 5 to warm up at 95lbs and really fought with it.  Regan and I figured that I should start at 95lbs and when that got to be too much I would knock it down to 75lbs.

Off we go!
Felt good after the 400m run, got that done quickly, and then things slowed down; a lot.
I only managed to do 6 thrusters at 95lbs before I started feeling really week.  My form sucked too as I wasn’t getting my elbows far enough in front of and therefore making it harder on myself.  After those 6, I knocked the bar down to 75lbs and pushed through in sets of 3 to finish.  I moved to my pull-up station where I had selected one green band again as I had done on Wednesday but after the first 12 pulls, my hands had officially ripped open, my grip was gone and I felt like I’d been working for 7 rounds.  I threw my ego out the back door and grabbed a purple band—it’s the first time in MONTHS that I’ve used two bands for pull-ups but I really had nothing left in the tank.

I accidentally cheated on my second run though because I read the board wrong and only ran 200m.  I came back in and got through the round of 15, doing thrusters in sets of 3 and pull-ups in sets of 5.  Went out to run that last 200m and then came back in for the round of 9s.  I did the thruster in two sets and moved quickly to the pull-up bar.  Somehow I managed to make myself to 9 straight pull-ups without stopping and then I quickly ran another 100m as quick as I could to make up for the 100m I missed on the second–gotta keep it fair!  My final time was 17:43.

Far from my best WOD, and I know I could do better but it’s better than sitting at home right?  I heard a song lyric yesterday that really fit well–“you gotta get high before you taste the lows”.  Can’t PR every day, just take it all in stride and try harder next time.

Less than a week until we head to Regionals, I’m beyond excited…can’t wait!

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