The Bear Complex

My Monday was pretty hectic with trying to get myself ready for Thursday’s 4:15am wake-up call and the ensuing trip to Richmond, BC for the 2012 CrossFit Regional Competition.

On top of everything else, I also got together with my friend Ben and discussed many updates and improvements to this blog site.  You will see several changes starting to happen over the next couple of weeks and while I’m sure there will be a few hiccups here and there, the outcome will be worth it!  Bear with me on this and we’ll make the site better and easier to follow.  I’m pretty excited about the upcoming changes so remember to keep us bookmarked!

I didn’t have the chance to make it to the 1130am group as I usually do on Monday’s but I was able to make it to the 730pm group and it was good to see everyone again–Scotty came back too, you can tell he missed it!  After our warm-up we set up for sets of 2 back squats.  It was written as 7 sets of 2 reps but we had a lot of people and we would have run short on time.  Instead, we just got in what we could, progressively adding weight.

Flash back to my write-up on February 22 and you’ll see that I set a PR of 225lbs for a back squat.  I did do 4 at this weight so I knew I had room to improve but I didn’t want to push it.  We have done a LOT of squats over the past 2 months though so I was a little excited to try this out last night.  We did our first set of two at 135lbs, just to get ourselves comfortable again.  For round two we moved up to 225, my previous best, and got to work—immediately I noticed that my flexibility was much better than it was last time so the stretches that Coach Bones has had me doing are clearly paying off.  I was much more comfortable with the bar lower across my shoulders this time and after getting set at 225lbs, I did my set of two rather easily.

For my next set I added 30lbs which put the bar at 255lbs and after a little bit of psyching up I did 2 reps and I while it was difficult, I knew I could still add more.  I decided to do one last rep, just one, at 275lbs.  I wanted to try just to prove to myself that I could and sure enough, I got it.  That’s a +50lb PR for me in 2 months!  Really pleased with that!

Onto the WOD we go, and it was one I’d never seen before called “The Bear Complex”.  Basically, one rep is: do a power clean, a front squat, an overhead press, a back squat, another overhead press and back down.  All of that is done without putting the bar done and we were tasked with doing 7 reps, 5 times.  Here’s a video on this WOD (please note, turn your sound down or off, the song is loud and horrible!):

Derek and I set up with a 75lb bar and got to work.  This workout isn’t timed, you just do what you can with the goal being to increase your load every round.  We decided to stay at 75lbs for all 5 rounds though, that was plenty difficult.  Now, because I always get in trouble for not posting pictures of myself, here’s two that Derek took for me:

1: Front squat position — my elbows feel like they’re in much better position than the picture shows, still lots of flexibility to work on there.
Overhead press position, body stable and arms locked out.

 After all that was done, I had one more thing to try–my friend Karl has been going to CrossFit for a few weeks now and he proudly (and rightly so) stated the other day that he had done a 26″ box jump.  I couldn’t let that go uncontested so I had to give it a go.  I set up the box, accomplished one jump at 26″ and put the box away–I’m content.  Two PR’s in one day (back squat and box jump) and I didn’t throw up…sweet.

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