One Track Mind

If you read Thursday’s post, you would have seen this paragraph at the end;

                “I have been debating on whether I should go tonight though, I do have a PILE of stuff I need to accomplish tonight but I saw that the posted WOD on is 5-5-5-5-5 deadlifts…I don’t want to miss deadlifts.  I guess this means that I’m going and praying all day that it’s on the board when I get there!  My one rep max in January was 325lbs.  I’d like to see a set of 5 at 300lbs and I think this is do-able.  I did a set of 2 at 305 in January and I’ve only gotten stronger in regards to both physical strength and form.  Here’s hopin!”

With hopes high and knowing how busy I had just made my Saturday by not accomplishing all the stuff I need done by Sunday, it was off to CrossFit 403 at 730.  My hopes paid off and deadlifts were on the board alongside tabata sets of toes-to-bar, wall balls, and burpees. I didn’t really care how much tabata burpees suck because I was focused, and had been focused all day, on my set of 5 deadlifts.

After warming up and some practice lifts with no weight, the plates started going on.  I did my first set at 135lbs with the intention of pacing myself and doing things right instead of blowing something out.  I added 50lbs for set 2 at 185lbs and another 30lbs for round three at 215lbs.

For round 4 I set the bar at 255lbs and after 3 or 4 reps I knew that I definitely had my mind and form where I needed it to be. Maybe it wouldn’t be easy but I felt comfortable that I could do it, so on go the weights.  By this time, everyone else was cleaning up their setups and breaking down the bars so I just set my feet, took a deep breath and went for it—and I got my 5 unbroken reps at 305lbs.  After that, I really didn’t care about how much grip strength toes-to-bar require, how heavy a 20lb medicine ball can feel, or how exhausting burpees are; I had accomplished the goal I had set and felt fan-f***ing-tastic.

I honestly didn’t count any of my reps during the tabata sets, I just did as many reps of each while the clock was running.  I did however manage to do my first two rounds of tabata T2B (well, knees to elbow) unbroken without jumping off the bar.  My grip strength was pretty low at this point so I did the last few as T2B on the ground.  Wall balls felt harder than usual but I was okay with that…by the end of the burpee tabata I think I was only doing about 3 per 20 seconds…horribly slow, but still moving.

I love deadlifts.

The next big deadlift goal is going to be a set of 7 unbroken at 345lbs–this was the weight and rep count used in the last men’s workout at Regionals and if they can do it 3 times (with muscle-ups after each set), I should try doing it once…makes sense in my mind anyways.

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