Reverse Ladder

I’ve said before that I have an addiction to CrossFit, a common affliction within my new circle of friends, and this often leaves me either ridiculously sore or antsy as hell to leave work and hit the gym.

I had two great workouts already this week with Monday’s deadlift workout and more heavy lifting on Tuesday, though I skipped Wednesday in lieu of an awesome rock concert 🙂

Tuesday’s WOD was a reverse ladder setup, which means the rep count started at 10 reps of each movement in the first round, 9 each in the second, 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.  The beauty of this is that instead of moving through the workout and trying to lift more reps per round, you decrease and I end up pushing harder at the end to link reps together knowing I have fewer to do–it’s a weird mind game…

The two movements involved in this workout were more deadlifts (yay!) and push presses.  After the heavy dead lifts on Monday I was pretty eager to see how my body would handle another 55 reps over 200lbs so Derek and I set up our deadlift bar at 225lbs and our push press bar at 95lbs.  We would be taking turns with me starting at the push press and D-Rock on deadlifts; I would do my 10 presses while he did 10 deadlifts, we’d then switch to complete the round, doing this until all ten rounds were completed.

My first few push presses went pretty well but I burned out quick.  By the round of 7 I was only able to do my first 4 unbroken followed by a set of 3.  For the round of 6, I did 2 rounds of 3.  Here’s where the mind game comes in though–I was beat up by the mid point of the workout but then had the realization that the first 4 rounds of action saw me through 40 reps already, I only have 15 of each left, I can do this unbroken.  Other than my set of 5 deadlifts which saw a bar drop due to a horrible, horrible grip, I did manage it unbroken; slow, but unbroken.  My final time was 12:10.  This is a good WOD for me to aim for a 10 minute completion time I think, just need to work on my push press some more.

I’ve got baseball tonight which is always good for some stretching as I play first base and throws are rarely on target…being flexible helps a lot with this for sure, and it’s fun surprising people with my flexibility.  Hopefully I’ll make it to Friday nights WOD and then Saturday will be 2 hours of fun.  I usually work every Saturday but with this weekend being a long weekend, we are closing up shop so I’ll get to attend the strength class at 8am and the CrossFit class at 9am. There aren’t many better ways to start a long weekend!

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