Long Weekend Wodding

This coming Monday is Victoria Day in Canada which means that it’s time for the ever popular “May Long Weekend”.  I work in the motorsports industry and this weekend is typically the marker for local motorcyclists to hit the roads and trails in search of good times and memories.  For those not on 2 wheels, it usually means the first official weekend of gardening or camping. 

Don’t let the busy weekend take you away from achieving what you want though—in trying to keep myself honest this weekend, I’ve been thinking a lot about snacks, drinks, and activities that are transportable and easy.

As far as food and drinks go, those are easy even with the current Paleo Challenge underway.  Some of my favourites are: jerky, nuts (not peanuts), Lara bars (Superstore), cucumbers, apples, hard boiled eggs, and deli meat.  Simple, effective, relatively cheap, and easy to pack.  We also have a dehydrator so with a couple days notice we can dehydrate our owns fruits like strawberries, apples (apple chips ROCK), bananas, and more which makes them keep longer and transport better.   Of course I’ll be taking advantage of whatever nice weather we get to run the BBQ out of propane cooking steaks, chicken, fish, stuffed peppers and more.  I’ve got a recipe idea of my own for stuffed pepper that I want to try so I’ll report back if it’s good!

For drinks, DO NOT FORGET WATER.  I’m not a big drinker anymore so I’m really not too worried about alcohol for myself but Coach Ken from the newly renamed Reebok CrossFit Ramsay started me on Patron Tequila…I’ve never really been a huge tequila fan but it’s a good sipping Tequila and since it’s made from Blue Agave, it qualifies under the paleo banner for consumption.  Another derivative that I like, though I seem to be in the minority on that amongst my friends, is Mezcal.  It’s made from the Maguey plant, a form of Agave, so it too is paleo. I do miss a cold beer once in a while but I can drink when I’m skinny :-).

Lastly, WOD’s–Some people will use this weekend to escape the city for hiking, bicycle rides, and other outdoor activities but if you aren’t don’t get lazy just because you’re camping or away from your box.  I’m a busy body and even when I’m camping I go nuts if I sit down for too long, and feeling lazy pisses me off.  Here’s some campground movements that can be done in the dirt with little to no equipment (a yoga mat isn’t a bad idea!):

air squats
lunges/walking lunges
broad jumps
box jumps (tree stump, picnic table, etc)
jumping jacks
skipping (requires a rope obviously)
rock climbers
find a hill and start running

There are lots more too and for a huge list of exercises that make use of these movements, check out The Traveling WOD website, a great resource for those on the go!

No excuses, just results.  Be safe, have fun, don’t drink and drive/ride.

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