SB46 Revisited

Back on February 7th I blogged about the workout we dubbed SB46; a workout in recognition of Super Bowl 46.  The workout itself was:

46 burpees
46 squats
46 sit-ups
46 push-ups
46 second handstand hold

I missed out on Tuesday’s WOD due to some family obligations and when I was freed up around 9PM, I felt awful that I hadn’t done anything…rack my brain, “what can I do here to feel like I’ve made an effort today?”.

I went downstairs to my own whiteboard thinking that I’d write something up and get ‘er done but when I opened the cabinet up I was greeted by the SB46 WOD which hadn’t been erased yet; “sure, why not?  Let’s see how things have changed or progressed since February”.

I set up my iPhone stopwatch, cleared some room in my bat cave/man corner (the relegated corner of the laundry room) and got to work!  PS–free rower thing that has never been used is free for pick-up 🙂

I felt pretty good about the burpees and while I didn’t do them any faster than the previous attempt I definitely wasn’t as “damaged” afterwards and I got right into squats.  I did them pretty quickly and just shy of 6 minutes I was onto situps.  Those were done unbroken and then it was onto the push-ups.  As with before, push-ups were slower than the rest of the movements but still not bad at all and I was done everything but the handstand push-ups in just under 11 minutes; approximately 30 seconds or so quicker than the first attempt. 

The big difference this time around was the handstand holds–it took me almost 2:30 to count up 46 seconds worth of inversion back in February and that was basically doing holds in 5-10 second intervals before stepping off the wall.  This time around I did 3 sets of 15-16 seconds with only a few seconds of rest between each.  This accounted for the biggest difference in time and my final total was 12:20.1, a reduction of 1 minute…don’t mind the face, I didn’t feel like faking a smile so you get to see how I really act after a WOD.

The beauty of CrossFit is that many of the things we do can still be done at home so even if you can’t make it to a class, excuses for not working on something don’t hold much water!  This WOD was done in under 13 minutes with no equipment at all and it still kicked my ass…get after it and do something!

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