1.having many different parts, elements, forms, etc.

2.numerous and varied; greatly diverse or manifold: multifarious activities.
I’m a word of the day type of dork and seeing how I used “variety” on its own this past Tuesday I needed a new word.  I opened up my word of the day app and “multifarious”…well, that’s fitting!
Turns out that CrossFit is one of those things that fall into the multifarious category and now I can officially say that CrossFit is making me smarter too; making me use new words to keep this whole spiel (or should I say #Speal?) interesting for all you gluttons who actually read what I ramble about.  Jeeves, the WOD board please—


Excellent. Moving right along…
We did quite a few different things last night and as per usual is was a pretty chill group at 7:30 on a Thursday.  Most Thursdays it’s a small group, 2 or 3, but we had 6 last night counting Coach Crip who did the WOD with us.  For part of our warm-up we were tasked with doing a 500m row and I was aiming to beat my best 500m time of 1:37 which was set on February 28th.  I’ve improved my technique a lot on my rowing and still had corrections last night to work on–I was leaning to far back and pulling the bar to my chin.  Coach Crip noticed and got me to use my legs more and pull to my chest.  I maintained my pace and was far more comfortable—just goes to prove that practice doesn’t make perfect, PERFECT practice makes perfect.  I did improve on my time and felt awesome, finishing the 500m row in 1:34 which ties me with Coach Steve with the quickest 500m on the CrossFit 403 leaderboard…SWEET!
With everyone done our rows, we started with a 6 minute tabata set of skipping–the catch was that if you screwed up your skipping within the 20 seconds of work, you had to do a burpee.  Most of us elected to do single-unders for the sake of actually getting some skipping done and not conceding to a burpee tabata but “Coach Crip the Brave” did doubles.  I earned myself two burpees during the 6 rounds and frankly I’m lucky I didn’t get more for the ribbing I was giving Coach Crip…
Moving onto tabata push-ups we aimed for another 6 rounds (instead of the normal 8) and I aimed for strength and form over speed.  When I go fast on push-ups I average 8-10 per 20 seconds but I went slower last night while focusing on keep my butt and abs tight and my elbows close to my body.  It makes push-ups much harder but also properly completes the movement; when I don’t consciously make these corrections I feel like I’m doing the worm and end up putting undue stress on my lower back.  I average 5 pushups per 20 seconds but they were quality push-ups–at least in my opinion.
The WOD itself was 5 RFT, 5 ring dips and 15 air squats.  I can’t yet do ring dips nicely so I did tricep dips from a 24″ box.  The slow point on the WOD for me were squats though, without a doubt.  At the 5 minute time cap I had done 5 full rounds with an additional 5 dips and 10 squats which was less than I had hoped…can’t win ’em all! c’est la vie!
Great night though at CrossFit 403 and I can’t wait to head there tonight…even if there are no pull-ups programmed, I’ll be doing some because I got new toys from Again Faster Canada today…pull-up grips!  Hopefully this means I’ll stop shredding my hands to shit…

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