Bridge City Beat Down

Around the time I started at CrossFit 403 back in October, I heard rumblings of a recently passed event called the Bridge City Beat Down.  For those unfamiliar with the “Bridge City”, that would be Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, so called because of the 7 bridges within its borders that cross the South Saskatchewan River.

I’m not going to explain the term beat down…

Last night, CrossFit 403 posted the following video on Facebook–a teaser video about the 2012 BCBD.

Hosted by one of Saskatoon’s great boxes, Synergy Strength and Conditioning, the event will sort of act like a summer season wind-up party for CrossFit competitions.  I’m sure there will be more events over the winter months, competitions don’t stop just because it’s cold outside, but with the Southward Equinox on September 22 marking the official end of summer this could be the last summer throwdown of 2012.

I never really need much of an excuse to visit Saskatoon as I have several friends there as well as my sister and her family so I had to find out the dates.  It’s not until September 7th and 8th, so that gives me lots of time to get work booked off—so I figure “what the hell, I’ll head out as a spectator and cheer people on”.

Then I noticed that they have two classes–Beasts and Brutes.  Beasts are just that, the machines who can do anything that is thrown at them without scaling the workload.  The Brutes are those who want to give it a shot but may not be able to do things like muscle-ups, pull-ups, ring dips, etc…ie. the average CrossFitter.

I could be a brute, maybe?  Hmmmm…

I said last week sometime that I needed a new weight loss goal…how about 32lbs in 3 months?  I weighed in at 282.0lbs this morning which I’ll note is 30lbs lost since starting the blog and a total of 58lbs lost from my heaviest (give or take 1-1.5 years ago).

The BCBD is in 93 days.

Maybe I should aim to weigh 250lbs and sign up for this beat down as a goal.  That would be my lightest weight since high school, and with a fitness competition thrown in for good measure.  Sounds like a plan…

This is gonna hurt.

2 thoughts on “Bridge City Beat Down

  1. Hey Josh,From reading your blog you definitely have the heart and attitude of a Brute! We can’t wait to see you and have you experience our Bridge City Beat Down.IanSynergy Strength CrossFit Saskatoon


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