I’ve done some fun WODs in the past, but this one ranked high up there in the this-sucks-but-its-so-much-fun category. 

10 rounds of:
15 push-ups
sprint 60 meters
rest one minute

So, you would do you 15 push-ups, get up and sprint as hard as you could for 60m and when you got back to the line you checked the clock and took a one minute rest, starting again with push-ups as soon the one minute was up.

Ryan and Karl were both there and while my goal was simply to work as hard as possible, we all know that guy friends will always compete with each other.  I figured that if I could stay within 1 minute of Ryan I’d be happy with the result.I’m going to put in the caveat that I have said a LOT that CrossFit isn’t about beating the next guy, it’s about beating yourself…that’s very true until you throw two of your best friends into the mix…

We all found our places for push-ups and with the standard “3…2…1…GO” we were off.  I finished my first round of push-ups and took off for the sprint, finishing at around 1m20s–unacceptable.  I felt that this was way too slow and it was then my goal to do each round in approximate1 minute (at minimum) because this to me is not a “pace yourself” style of workout.  Run your damned ass off, push the floor as hard as you can and get it done.  The harder you work, the quicker it’s over. 

Game on.

By round 4 I had my times dialed in to about 1m05s but I knew there was more to go.  Around the 4th or 5th round, I caught up to Karl and I passed him on the sprints which was a good mental boost–no slight to him at all, he was running his ass off, but I had to make up time on Ryan.  I’ll tell ya, sitting around resting for a minute when you can see the guy ahead of you working is really difficult! Still, I didn’t cut any corners at all, that would be cheating and I’d know in my head that it was a bullshit result.

Round 7 I think was my fastest round–I got a second wind on the push-ups and realized that I was actually lifting my hands off the ground at the top of the push-up because I was trying to make up time.  It worked though because I did rounds 6-9 in under 1 minute each and when I saw Ryan was done the extra gear kicked in with the 10th round taking only 45 seconds.  My final time was 17m45s, Ryan was 16m53s.  Success!

Basically that means that I did 150 push-ups and sprinted 600m in 8m45s.  Not too shabby I don’t think but room to move, I think this one will be a fun one to revisit on a day off–no equipment needed!

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