Monday Funday

Tuesday morning, I could barely walk.
I’m not in physical pain or anything, not injured, just sore.  After the intensity on Sunday, Monday was also very physical. 

After a great breakfast out with Ryan and Jenn, we hit up CrossFit 403 for the 1130am group.  On the plate for the day were overhead squats (OHS), box jumps, and toes to bar (t2b).  I can do OHS, I can do box jumps, but t2b still have me beat.  We started the day though with some strength work with the bench press.

I felt really good during the warm-up and knew that I’d be able to get through this WOD fairly well.  Even the walking lunges during the warm-up felt really good, and typically they’re one of my least favourite things. 

Ryan, Karl, and myself set up a bench press station to share and got underway.  For my 5 rounds of 5 reps, my weights were 75lbs-95lbs-125lbs-155lbs-155lbs.  My last 2 or 3 reps in the last set required the help of my spotter but I’ve always known that bench presses were something that needed work so I’m pretty happy there. 

For the WOD itself I figured that this would be a 12-14 minute endeavor for most of us using the heavier weights and after doing a few practice OHS at 95lbs I knew that I could complete the WOD at that weight.  For box jumps I used my usual 24″ box.

Off we go, starting with toes to bar.  It kind of bugs me that I can’t do these yet but it’s one of those exercises that is just enough out of reach to piss me off.  Things like handstand push-ups aren’t even really on my radar so it doesn’t annoy me that I can’t do them, but T2B are so close…

When I finished the round of 21 reps, I was around the 6 minute mark and frankly this annoyed me, I felt like I was letting myself take too many rests and so it was game face time.  I did my t2b and hustled over to the OHS station.  I did the OHS in two sets, 8 reps and 7, and then got to the box for my jumps which I did with a consistent pace.  For my last round, I did the 9 t2b, 9 OHS, and 9 box jumps all unbroken.  During this round though Coach Crip called me on a couple no reps because I wasn’t getting below parallel on my squats.  With a final time of 12:27 recorded I went back the OHS and did 5 more going as low as possible just to prove to myself that I had it in me.  It was a hard 12:27 and it won’t be long before I can do this completely RX’d, I look forward to it.

I had a double header at baseball that night as well and with one of our guys fighting a knee injury, I was pinch running for him.  I’ll tell ya, running the bases 10+ times in one game take a lot out of you…I got home and my calves were so tight I could hardly flex them.  Thank God for lacrosse balls and though, I just laid on the floor doing mobility for 40 minutes or so while we watched TV–a perfect time to do things like that!

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