Canada Day and CrossFit

Technically speaking, Canada Day this year was on Sunday July 1 but since CrossFit 403 is always closed on Sunday’s regardless of occasion, we usually do something special on the holiday Monday–if Coach Crip is around anyways.

This past Monday, she and Regan were both around so they decided to host a 10am holiday WOD for the junkie’s amongst us to get our fix.  By the way, Regan needs a nickname too…post ideas in the comments section if you feel so inclined (either here, Facebook, or Twitter!).

As a bit of a challenge I think to see who would show up knowing what we were in store for, they posted the WOD on Facebook–

Back at the beginning of April I managed my first 5km jog under 35 minutes, posting a time of 34:52.  I beat this on June 10th during the Betty’s Run for ALS by about one minute, getting to 5km just under 34 minutes.

On Monday, we had to do a 5km run, followed by 50 of each–push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and squats.  My initial goal was to finish the run comfortably in around 35 minutes and then finish the rest in 10 minutes for a final time under 45 minutes.

We all left for our run, including a few of the awesome coaches from Reebok CrossFit Ramsay who joined us, and we all just got into our groove.  I put my music on and just ran against myself, though when Jaime passed me I decided that I wanted to try and maintain pace with her, give or take–I find I run a bit better/stronger when I feel like I’m chasing someone.

First comment, Chris Fen-Mac is fast…”did I just get passed by a red-headed gazelle?  Nope, just Fen-Mac…”


I stuck with my music, finishing at a cadence of 170bpm.  I could tell that I was taking longer strides than I usually do so I figured I’d beat my 5km PR, but I did so by a much larger margin than I expected–5km in 30:25.  A sub 30 minute 5km is well within reach, and I had no idea I was that close.

I got back to the box and took about 30-45 seconds to set up for push-ups and away I went.  I felt pretty good about them, and finished them quickly.  I knew I’d catch up with a few people on sit-ups as I’m fairly strong and comfortable with them.  When I got inside to the pull-up bar I had already set-up one green band for myself prior to starting.  I’ve been using a purple band a lot lately but I figured that after 5km and the previous exercises that the green band would help, though I was aiming for chest to bar pull-ups instead of just clearing my chin.  Chest to bar pull-ups are a little bit harder but they feel good when you do them right, so I didn’t mind using the bigger band.  I did benefit from having Fen-Mac and Allison from Ramsay right beside me as I got some tips on my pull-ups that helped a lot with rhythm and form, so that was pretty cool.

I finished my 50 pull-ups and got through the squats decently quick, purposely leaving them until the end.  I tried to do two sets of 25 but it ended up being 25-15-20…my legs were shot by the end.

My final time was 46:16 and while I was off my goal of 45 minutes, I’m still pretty please with how the run went so I’m not going to complain.  I know it was the pull-ups where I lost a lot of time but that will get better as time goes on. 

Thanks to Coach Crip and Regan for opening the box for us on a holiday and thanks to everyone who came out for the WOD, it was a fun one with a good crew!

By the way, we ❤ Airdrie!

2 thoughts on “Canada Day and CrossFit

  1. Love your blog Josh!!!! It’s awesome to see your stats reported on the left side of the page 🙂 looking forward to watching your progress!! I’m losing a lot of ability during my pregnancy and will be excited to watch my stats improve post-baby too.

    Thanks for sharing your journey!!!!



    1. Thanks Rosa, it’s been one hell of a ride for sure! It’s pretty nuts that a tiny little blog that was started to keep me accountable and tell people about CrossFit has taken off enough to warrant it’s own domain and upgrades…pretty nuts. We’ll see ya soon though, even pregnant you’d still probably whoop most of us haha


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