Please Read! Updates and Changes!

Welcome to the new home of the CrossFit Rookie blog!

Only 7 months since I started writing all this, we had to expand things a bit and move up in the world.  It’s been a really insane and mind boggling experience thus far and it’s only going to keep going.  Since CrossFit started for me as a fun way to workout it has turned into an all encompassing lifestyle–hell, I’m listening to live coverage of the 2012 CrossFit Games from California and wearing my 2012 CrossFit Regionals Media shirt as I type this…

There will be a few hiccups with the new website, so please bear with us and don’t hesitate to offer feedback.  Feedback can be emailed to me directly via, via Twitter @xfitrookie, or by posting comments on the blog posts.

One issue we are currently working on is forwarding links from the old blog.  If you’ve clicked to read a post on that site and been forwarded here to the homepage, please just do a search up top.  Sorry for the inconvenience, we’re trying to sort it out.  If you’re new to the blog, check it out, search for key terms, whatever you want—thanks for checking the site out!

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