Down and Dirty

With coaches Crip and Regan gone to the 2012 CrossFit Games in California last week (lucky…), we did Wednesday’s couplet under the tutelage of Coach Wendy.  This is never a bad thing, Wendy is awesome, and she started us off post warm-up with a Tabata set of hollow rocks and ring push-ups.

I don’t remember if I’ve talked about hollow rocks before, so here’s a video.  It might look a bit goofy but it will help you find ab muscles you didn’t know existed–

Click here if you can’t see the embedded video—CrossFit Hollow Rocks

Wendy knew this would leave most of us whining if we were to do a full 8 set Tabata so the first 4 sets (2 minutes) were actually sit-ups, though we had to cross our arms in front of our chest so that there was no arm movement to aid in momentum, use your core and only your core. Holding that hollow rock position for 20 seconds is really difficult but I highly recommend trying it as part of your ab routine.

With them done, we moved to ring push-ups, doing a full range of motion push-ups off the gymnastic rings instead of the floor.  These require a lot of concentration and stability and even from my knees I had trouble doing 5 in a 20 second round.  You aren’t just pushing up, you’re seemingly using every other muscle in your body to maintain your centerline and stability!

We finished up, dusted off, and then got ready for the WOD itself:

25 KB swings (53# for me)
25 burpees

Quite simply, I won’t allow myself to use anything less than the 1.5 pood (53lb) kettlebell anymore, so set up was really easy.  We only needed one piece of equipment and enough floor space to do our burpees.

I really didn’t set a time goal for myself on this one either, in fact I did quite the opposite and set my station up facing away from the clock.  I didn’t want to see it, I didn’t want to be calculating burpees per minute pace, didn’t want to know where I was…I just wanted to push on until the last burpee was done.  I find burpees a lot easier when I’m not looking at the clock, just do the work and look at the results after.


I was extremely pleased that I did the first 25 KB swings unbroken and got to my first burpee.  I knew I was less than a minute in at that point so I just tried to keep a pace, jump to my feet on every  burpee, and not slow down.  For some people this was a sub 10-minute workout and I generally push myself into a sprint mode for these with as little rest as I can manage.

I was happy with the pace on my burpees, and did my last two sets of KB swings in sets of 15/10, fairly pleased with that.  Nearing the end, the last 5 burpees seemed more difficult than usual but I finished, turning around to see the clock hit 12:00 even.

12:00 even on a 3 round RX workout with burpees involved, I’m pleased with that!  Even at 730pm is was still surprisingly warm outside but with the bay door open we would catch the occasional refreshing breeze which made you forget about the heat for a few seconds and refocus on the WOD.  Thanks for a great class Coach Wendy, we all did pretty well I think!

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