WODs and Weddings

This past Saturday, July 14th, was a pretty big day.  My “little” brother was getting married and I was lucky enough to be his Best Man.  Can’t lay all the plans by the wayside though!

Coach Steve was nice enough to come in at 10AM on Saturday so a few of us could get a WOD in before going about the weekend—for some that meant watching the CrossFit Games all weekend but as I said, Saturday had more important things going on.

Ryan picked me up at around 930 and we headed to CrossFit 403.  We ended up having 4 of us there at 10am including Coach Steve, myself, Ryan, and Kari.  Unfortunately there was a miscommunication with some other 403ers and they showed up at 9am instead of the 10am group, which was changed due to Coach schedules with Coach Crip being in California.

What they missed though, was one of the most daunting workouts I’ve ever seen on a whiteboard!

Yup, you’re reading that correctly…1051 rep team WOD.

I’m not sure if this was something planned, or fresh from the mind of Coach Steve, but when he started writing numbers on the board, the three of us just looked at each other like “oh wow, he’s serious”.  I’ll admit though, when I got there I DID say out loud that I hoped tire flips were on the board because I haven’t actually gotten to use the tires out back yet.

Steve audibly laughed though when we finished the warm-up and he split us into teams of 2, I think he got great satisfaction from seeing us writhing in anxiety…

He put Ryan and I together, and he went with Kari, and off we went.

The tire flips were fun, right through to the last set.  They do make you absolutely filthy, so don’t wear white to a tire flip WOD, but they’re fun for me.  Ryan and I did the OH walking lunges (holding 45lb plates overhead) simultaneously.   He was much quicker though and if memory serves, the ratio of Ryan:Josh OH lunges was around 60:40.  Back to tire flips, knock the second set out.

Round 2 was a set of 200 box jumps.  Ryan and I went with the Regional WOD approach, alternating jumps.  In doing this, we actually kept a really great pace and I’m still pretty impressed with how quickly we knocked them out.  I believe Ryan did about 110 of the jumps and I did 90.  I took two quick 5 jump rests that he was able to push through.

Now, air squats…blech.  I’m not bad at them at all, but seeing the number 300 before them just messes with your head.  Seriously, stand up right now and do 5 air squats.  Now, think about doing that set 59 more times…see?

We again went simultaneously and by the end Ryan was handily knocking them out at a 2:1 pace.

Kettlebell swings were my down fall though and this is where I felt like I let Ryan down.   We planned to alternate these so I’d do 10, he’d do 10.  Problem was, by the time I finished my 20th rep I thought I was going to faint.  I got light headed and dizzy.  I planted my ass on the bench and just breathed.  In through the nose, out through the mouth, relax.  I doused my head quickly under the tap in the bathroom to chill out for a second–by the time I got back out and ready to rock again, about 4 minutes had elapsed and Ryan had made it through 60 reps.  Machine.  We finished from there, alternating sets of 10 again, but he definitely carried the weight (literally) for this portion.  Hands down.

The last set of tire flips went surprisingly well, though slower than the rest, then it was back for burpees…no further comment needed.  We did all 100 burpees combined in about 5 minutes–both of us were pretty slow by then.

I took one for the team and did the sit-up though, I’m selfless like that.  Yup.

It was one hell of a start to the morning, but 44 minutes and 36 seconds later we were all done.  Quick, run home, kilt up, and get ready to dance down an aisle with the Maid of Honour.

I do have two more pics to share though–though we were otherwise busy we were able to keep up with the leaderboard in between events and vicariously cheered through Twitter for Heather Gillespie and the rest of the Canadian athletes who did us all extremely proud.  Heather (who has been dubbed #HG042 in all our tweets) finished 34th in her first ever CrossFit Games appearance…simply awesome.  I’m lucky enough that I get to workout with Heather and her beau Jason this coming Sunday when I visit Lethbridge and you can be damned sure that the effort will leave only three things on the floor—sweat, chalk, and what’s left of me.

Wedding or not, we had to get some CrossFit geekery in—so, here’s the Best Man and the MC proudly wearing our #HG042 shirts at the reception.


















And thankfully my new sister-in-law has an awesome sense of humour…so, 1 rep for time, overhead press the Bride 🙂



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