Earning Bacon

With the major sleep shortage over the weekend I had but one plan for Monday—workout.  After that was done, I figured I’d be perfectly content with doing nothing else all day…turns out, I was right.

Ryan and Jenn picked me up and we got over to CrossFit 403 for the usual 1130am group.  Coach Bree was there to greet us and once the whole crew was there she sent us on a 750m warm-up jog.  With deadlifts, double unders and air squats being the movements of the day it was going to be really important to have our leg muscles warmed up and ready to go.

Muscles warm and a refresh on proper deadlifting form, we set up bars for some heavy lifting. We were to do 5 sets of 3 lifts, 3-3-3-3-3.

I knew I wanted to finish at 300+lbs for a set of 3, and I figured 225lbs would be a good place to start so I did some math on the white board real quick so I’d have a goal to achieve.

I felt really good on the sets of 225, 245 and 255lbs so it was time for the 30lb jump to 285.  I got those done readily enough, I won’t say easy, but I was comfortable.  Initially I was going to add 20lbs to finish off at 305 but I made another 30lb jump up to 315.  The set of 3 was definitely difficult but I felt in control the whole time and didn’t even have to use a staggered grip as usual to get the weight up.  I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t done that grip until a few hours later and I was pretty happy about that actually—it means my grip is getting stronger.

Time for the WOD—3RFT, 50 double unders and 75 air squats.



I’m not amazing at double-unders yet, I go in spurts of 1, 1, 6, 17, 1, 2, etc., but the only way to get better is practice right?  I decided before starting that a 20 minute score on this at RX was worth more to me than a 14ish minute score doing singles, so that’s what I did. Rounds 1 and 2 left me pretty pleased with my skipping, I had two sets of 15+ DU’s and was only really slowed down by my squats.  It was round three where the wall kicked in as I seemingly stepped in concrete during the WOD and could no longer get my feet far enough off the ground for a rope to pass under it, very odd.  It took me a solid 5 minutes of effort before I was able to link any DU’s together in round 3 and I was getting quite annoyed.  I threw my rope down, did a walking lap around the floor and picked the rope back up–got 4.  Next set, 5, next set 13.  FINALLY things were working again—though I should have taken a slightly longer rest to begin with, I could have saved a lot of time on the clock.  With all my RX double-unders finally done it was time for the last set of squats.

The dead leg feeling had set in by now but Bree stood by me for round 3 and didn’t let up on the commands to keep moving. I guarantee that if she wasn’t standing right there, I would have rested more.  My ass and quads were on FIRE by the 75th rep, when I put my hands on my knees to catch my breath my legs were literally vibrating and shaking.  A sign of solid effort I suppose!

I did a bit of a cool down outside, just lightly quick stepping to the retaining wall and back and then did some dynamic stretching, had to get my legs to stop vibrating!  After some mobility with Ryan it was definitely time to find food!  Thanks to Bree though, I earned that bacon.



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